Wednesday, December 29, 2004

thanking Him

just finished reading Emily's newest post. what she said was right.

we have to thank God. our nation escaped unscath. we're not really affected physically by the Tsunami. economically--yes. but at least we do not have thousands of people missing & dying. at least we do not have corpses & carcasses lying around our streets. at least we do not have rubble of collapsed, ruined buildings. imagine our HDB flats crumble & smashed. our bodies under the tons of debris, unable to breathe. manz..

truly, we have to thank God for He condoned our nation.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004


yesterday morning b4 work i recieved the news of the Tsunami disaster. many people died, many lost their loved ones. the whole thing was sad. my maid said it was God's anger. well, i think it's a sort of a... signal..?a signal to tell us to get prepared for the second coming of Christ..?

i felt grief when i saw the news, people mourning,crying,shocked. & when i saw the rubble & wreckage, my jaw dropped but no sound came out. sigh..

Pray. that's wad we gotta do. i remember sm1 told me: prayer is a very strong weapon. i agree with that, but now i add on: prayer is also a very strong & solid crutch. so we have to pray.

also, i muz continue 2 pray 4 brother bernard--the brother who has nose cancer. i truly believe he will be healed. he will be a witness 4 God. he will testify 4 God. i believe. this is called have faith in God.

Monday, December 27, 2004

been a long time since i blog.
busy with work & christmas stuff. work occupies 3/4 of my day manz..
christmas..?well,christmas was fun!!! especially with my church friends..! my current church friends, i mean.
christmas eve--after work, i went to uncle chris's house. my ex-church mates organised a christmas party. well, they are socialising most of the time. no carols, no worship songs. no God. everybody is busy catching up with each others' life. so, conclusion is--a total bore! so we left early. my brother went out with his friends for countdown. as for me, i turn up at alvin's house for a real christian christmas party..! they were all surprised!!! cos they did not expect me to be there. we sang christmas carols, some worship songs & had gifts xchanged! & of course, we countdown & played with fireworks.
christmas day itself--brought marianne & vivian to church for christmas service. it was so so great..! i sang my heart out. after service went to jap restaurant with my church friends. had lunch. during lunch, had a great talk with raymond & gary. gary..!humph!! he's always teasing me..! *stick out tongue angrily* hahaz..
yesterday--went to chinese service. really felt God's presence strongly. i went out for the altar call, it's for those who want to dedicate their new year 2005 to the Lord. before the pastor came to pray for me, i was praying in tongues & i prayed for a brother whom i've never seen & never known.he have nose cancer. i pray that God drive away the cancerous monster & also pray that God heals him. i also pray that his wife & three young children will have peace in their hearts & that they continue to trust in the Lord. when i was praying, my hands were shaking uncontrollably. they just kept shaking violently, like there's a force in them. but i wasn't afraid, in fact i was joyous & peaceful. i continue to pray in tongues. my hand just kept shaking even until i went back to my seat. my heart just feel so..jubilant..!!
guess i should end here. i still feel so happy. praying lifts my spirit, singing & dancing to the Lord also.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Chinese Service

told you i went to chinese sunday service was really great. really. really. really. I LOVE IT !!!!! the songs, though they are more poetic/metaphoric, but they truly pierce directly into my heart. & the whole thing is just simple, much more simple than the english service. i think i might go to the chinese service in future.

u know bout 'The Girl'..?i talked bout it with my friends..perhaps i don't know her enough. i don't understand her character. that's why i can't stand her attitude bah..

im very very very ill right now. don't know whether i can go to work tmr. Oh no! friday is the young adults christmas party...& im the narrator of my skit!!! i seriously pray that God will heal me asap!!! Father, please heal me with your mighty hand & chase all the diseases from this body of mine,in Jesus Name. & in Jesus name, i will be healed! Amen.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

The Girl

today's sunday. going for church service later. felt like going to chinese service. firstly because i've never been to a chinese service. secondly, because i need 2 get away from sm1..sm1 that don even smile 2 me when i say hi 2 her. this thing happened lotsa times already. i seriously dunno why is she having such reaction 2 she unhappy with me? then what is she unhappy about? i hope she tells me, so perhaps i could stop doing what is making her unhappy then. i don like her, her attitude. but i know we have to love each other so i didn't throw my temper. i know throwing my temper will make things worse. but i feel really terrible. i just don wanna see her, i guess, for a moment or two.
manz, yesterday i cried over this. i mean i dunno what is it about me that makes her treat me like invisible lady. i feel so unjust bout it. perhaps i shld be insensitive, so that i couldn't feel such things. i couldn't see such things, & i can't be bothered my such things. but wouldn't that make me a coward..?trying to run away from the problem? as chinese says : tao bi xian shi.
sigh..i prayed to the Father, i told Him, im feeling terrible bout this thing. bothered by this girl. bothered by the things she did to me. O Father, i pray that You give me peace & joy in my heart, so great that nothing bad or terrible can tear the burst of positive energy in me. Lastly, i just want to say this once more : i Love You, Lord. In Jesus name, Amen.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

christmas party

it's been like eons since i blog..been busy these few days..working.working.working.
been given the duty of writing a skit for our young adults' christmas party. almost finished writing.left the narrator's part that's hanging. got a little writer's block, pray that God will gimme some help. b4 i wrote the script, i prayed to the Lord for help & ideas for the script . & how 2 put them down in words..well God helped me..& i'll have 2 thank Him lots..
i just hope i could clear my writer's block & continue the script. i also hope that the script could help as a trigger 2 win souls for God during the christmas party. tomorrow is the first rehearsal for the skit. will go to church straight after work. pray that everythg turns out well.

quite worried for ron. lots of terrible things happened to him. he's in a bad state. i hope he doesn't retreat back to wad he was previously. i hope he stand firm in the strength of the Lord.

myself..?given up on the one i like. cos people gotta move on. no point crying & mourning & feeling hurt. he wont be mine anyway. so why cry? sigh..

guess that's all. see ya all soon.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

back frm work..

just came back from a job..working at OG a shoe promoter..perhaps it's because i haven't worked for a long long time since last year, i felt really exhausted after working..things aren't simple outside in the school, it's still simple. even if there's sarcasm,we could take it. but in the society or work place, it's much more complicated. dangerous. scary. ur the prey or the predator? be tough & wise for the position of predator? or r u gonna be the prey? sigh..jus do what i gotta do..serve the customers..couldn't care much, just earning my allowances for the hols anyway.. perhaps this heck care attitude toward the ugly ways of those pple will help a little..sigh..

tomorrow's OIKOS RETREAT..!!!can't wait..will go to oikos tmr immediately after work..grateful that alvin kor is coming to fetch me..hahaz..he's a good brother we'll have fun tmr..!yay..!
can't wait! can't wait! can't wait manz..!

dat's all going to go into a coma soon..*eyelids drooping*

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Finally Over..!

whew..!jus came back from [SHUTTER] was scary manz..creepy actually...the ghost was full of hatred..screamed my head off when i was watching the movie..& the ending is the most original one of all's gr8 manz...u guys must go's A MUST!!!!!! imagination is running wild now..cant stop scaring myself..hahaz..

FINALLY..!! i finish my o levels!!! freedom returns to my embrace!!! hahaz..yay..!now got time 2 do wad i many thgs i wanna do..!
1) get a job.
2) serve the Lord
3) save money
4) write poems & more poems!!!
5) go oikos, go church & enjoy the fellowship with my brothers & sisters in Christ!!!
6) slim down alot..!no reasons 2 be fat anymore..!

cool..!now im free like a bird..!cant hide or supressed this joy that's in me..!u know, the Lord has been good to me..He has seen me through this exam true it is when they say the Father will never leave you..He never leave me..He stood by me & love me sooooooo much...His love is up to the brim...overflowing in i must share this love with others also, right..?but first i wanna tell Him, Father, I LOVE YOU!!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Sunday Is Gr8..!

i realised i kept singing worship songs this whole week..when im studying, when im walking, when im on the bus, when im showering, even when im eating..
just came back from church service, the word released is: Be contented with what you possessed. Godliness with contentment is gr8 gain. how apt it our lives..we never thought it's enough to sustain us yea..y?cos we're never contented with what we have & we are always thinking of ways to earn more & more the expense of our God,our spiritual life,our family.we should be contented with what we have, we muz always rmbr that God provides..He will provide, we're His children, no parents would want to see their children starved right..
the sermon was on persecutions, trials & testing.learnt a gr8 deal about a nut shell: Being a christian, we face alot of persecution, trials, tribulations & testing from the Devil. but we muz always rmbr that we muz trust in the Lord for He will rescue & deliver us from the acts of the Devil.
left 2 more papers..den i'll relax & work..think i've written c ya!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

yay manz!

woohoo..!jus sat for my accounts paper jus now in the afternoon..i jus do what i can do lor..but dunno whether im on the right track..heez.. anyway, 3 papers left only!!!! accounts mcqs for tmr, science mcqs on monday, bio paper on tuesday..then...that's all! hahaz..

yay..!actually im now in hols mood fast right...hmmm...very happy, on clouds nine...guess that's all..will update u ppl later..!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Hanging On like Every1 else

ok..had my geog elective paper's tough but i do not fret..why??i think it's because God gave me peace. tomorrow & fri having accounts papers..guess i wont do well in accounts..cos im LOUSY in accounts..abhors it actually..*sticks out tongue*

went out with Ron today..find that he's quite a handsome guy with a cute personality..hmmm..clique with him pretty well..found out that we are kinda similar..& we both love God alot..just as He loved us alot too..hehe..but i muz be really weird..i mean..not normal like other girls..well, nothing i can do like this..hahaz..kk..gtg..a lil tired..

Sunday, November 14, 2004

what happen?? why izzit like dat?? -[hurt & confused]-

today went 2 church early in the morning 4 bible study..a lesson on den i know that we have 2 speak out loud our's like a declaration..a declaration against the devil..

den went for sunday service, the sermon was touched my heart..really..& the released word says; cover any offence & u'll be covered in love. forgive & forget. it sort of applies 2 my life.

but smthg happened during lunch, i dunno why, pple starts sharing secrets among themselves & when we ask them what izzit..they just say"dunno, dunno" well, felt left out of cuz..then emily asked kevin 2 stop harping on the "alcohol"topic..(in a very rude tone) i was kinda unhappy & i felt unjust..

however, i prayed when i reached home. felt better. the peace of God fall upon me & i felt good & not so tensed..

i just hope that God will help us solve this prob..i know the good Lord helps.

Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. Ephesians4:3

Friday, November 12, 2004

Had such a Gr8 time..!

yesterday night went 2 alvin kor's house for makan & oikos..jus that it's a pity that i missed the word's emily giving word ed u noe..!...but still we had lotsa fun..
it was gr8 manz...there was lotsa laughter & cheer..i was laughing till my whole body jus rocked back & forth...hahaz...we played games, eat(manz..u shld see the food, they were delicious..!& A LOT...!!!!hahaz..) , then we had worship..manz the worship was powerful manz...but i missed the word ed..humph...!but nvm..will be able 2 go 2 oikos after the o' i can't wait for the o's 2 end..hahaz..don worry..5 more papers & o's are gonna end..!!!
hahaz..just wanna thank my oikos members & those new friends i met yesterday..u guys made my day manz..heez.. ",

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Can't wait

will be going to alvin kor's house for a gathering..can't wait..that's all i wanna say..
er..c ya then..!hope the o's end asap..really..

Monday, November 08, 2004

it's been a long time..

it's been like eons since i last blog..hahaz..nowadays busy with my o i hope the o's end asap...
sigh...this morning when i was semi awake i had such a terrible dream, i dreamt that i was late for literature paper2.. & i was left with 15 mins 2 do my i just stare at the qns paper & those foolscape papers..den the examiner: mrs danial--look at me, shake her head & collect my paper. i burst out in tears & ran to the toilet..can't stop crying...den when i came back frm the toilet, i sat for my literature paper 1, but guess what i got on my desk..?graph papers instead of foolscape i called for mrs danial & asked her for foolscape paper..she said loftily,"i don't have" Then i woke up..then i realised i had my literature papers last thursday..hahaz..silly me eh..but it was terrifying ok...
cant wait for o's to end..then i could have all the fun i want b4 i start working...hahaz...
seriously i have to say that God has been good 2 me..He gave me much peace..i mean i do not fret when im doing my i could think & im not afraid...praise be to the Lord...He's a good God...i love Him soooooo much...
hey Jae, got smthg 2 pass 2 u tmr..i think i'll leave it on your desk k..
yep so that's all..see ya..!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


we cry 'Glory 2 the King!' Praise be 2 Jesus Christ, the Lord of my life!
i really love Him, & i know He love me 2..just like wad Jae said, i think He is much much more impt 2 me than any1 else..guys, studies, family & friends seem soooo much smaller compared 2 Him..i think He is the 1 im running after, nothing else no1 else but hated, outcast because im running after Him but i couldn't care! i couldn't care anymore!! i want Him, only Him & all of Him..!

what brings me 2 Him?what brings Him 2 me? Love.
what makes Him go 2 the cross so willingly? Love.
what makes the Father give His son? Love.
what makes me run after Him? Love.
why is it that love make me run after Him? Because He 1st Loved me.

Now abideth faith, hope & love, these three; but the greatest of all is Love.

English paper 1&2

today did my English paper 1 & was quite alrite..i mean i know i tried my i have nth 2 worry bout..even if the results are really bad, @ least i won't regret my whole life on why didn't i work hard right..
after my papers i just kept laughing..when talking 2 alvin over the phone & chatting with my friends..i just kept laughing..i dunno why...hahaz..i guess i sort of like this o's so new 2 strange yet so fresh..
but i certainly have 2 give thanks 2 the Lord & praise Him..He's always there with me..n He give me peace in my heart..He gave me joy 2...i dunno why but in some corner of my heart, there's joy..i can feel it & i thank Him 4 that..
tmr i'll be taking 3 papers--math p1, Lit p1&2..a lil nervous bout math, my math was never very good..i just hope i could pass..
yep so that's all 4 today..gotta study..cant wait 4 tmr 2 be over..cos i'll have a 4 days break..hahaz..& cant wait for sunday either..hahaz..miss my oikos members..hahaz..

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Social paper today..! o's started..!

woah..just came back from sch..finished my social studies paper...u know i didn't really prepare much for this paper yet when i write, it just flow out so smoothly....i mean, it maybe vague but it just came..u know..
b4 the exam, i was feeling terrible..i dunno why..but i prayed, i asked God for His peace to set upon me and that i told Him i know that He'll be with me n never leave me..i totally put my trust in Him...n u know what..?i felt better after the prayer..soooooo much better...after the exams i called alvin kor and yung tell 'em bout the exam..tmr's English paper 1 & 2...a lil' worried bout my summary...
just wanna tell every1 im ok & the Lord has been xtremely good 2 me..n don worry i'll try my best in the o's and i have faith that the Lord will help me...He's a good God, u know..
yep so gotta go study..


Sunday, October 31, 2004

God will make a way..!

just came back from lunch with my church friends...had a gr8 time sharing..n get 2 know my brothers n sisters more n soooooo touched that they kept my in their prayers though im not attending oikos for the moment...gotta wait for o's to finished b4 i return 2 'em..
had an awesome awesome time worshipping God today...we sang n we danced..its so uplifting...n God really spoke to me during the altar call and when we sang 'God Will Make A Way'..the lyrics meant soooo much to me..
God will make a way where there seems to be no way
He works in ways we cannot see
He will make a way for me
He will be my guide
Hold me closely to His side
With love and strength
For each new day
He will make a way
He will make a way
By a roadway
In the wilderness
He'll lead me
And rivers in the desert will I see
Heaven and earth will fade
But his word will still remain
He will do something new today
yup, no matter how sticky or how tough our situation may be, our Father will provide a way out for us..He'll make a way..!Trust in Him..!

Friday, October 29, 2004


im too tired 2 blog..just know dat i gotta press on till the o's are over..i'll get back my freedom..

Thursday, October 28, 2004


jae, im glad ur feeling better..

a few more days to the o levels..more or less a lil nervous..

not much to blog..just wanna make sure im still sane..yea..

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


I think I have fallen
In love with Him
No other men
Can compare to Him

His love is so great
Carried me in His hands
His life He willing gave
And said, "It's all in the plan"

He gave,all of Him He gave
So that I may be born again
Really can't remember which date
But now, eternity I attain

He is the dew of the morn
That renewed my heart
Though life is with much thorns
With Him, the journey's not so hard

Now I am free
Free like a dove
I want to fly up many trees
And declare His love

For you, my brother.

how could i see you in a pit
yet not pull you up from it
why don't you just reach out your hand
so that i may help you to stand

its terrible for me
why don't you let me set you free?
free of these dirt and mud
you could have another start

look up, my brother
don't go on wither
you are the guide to others
don't you remember?

you asked me to be happy
now would you practise what you preached?
i hope you do
cos i'll be happy too.

N.B.~Jae, for you.~

Monday, October 25, 2004

felt better..

yesterday i went for sunday was refreshing...and i had a gr8 time worshipping and praising God..
after the service we went to parkway parade's pastamania for lunch..talked quite alot..
felt stressed that o levels are coming..alot of pressure..known pressure and unknown ones too..
talked to my oikos members and i prayed..felt better..but went home i still cried my eyes out when i quarrelled with my bro over my studies stuff...
until i talked to jae..i seriously felt like a load off my mind..well jae, thanks a million ok..had a gr8 time talking 2 u..u might not want to burden me with ur probs but i just want u to know that if u really need sm1 to talk or smthg, im here alrite..cos ur my bro cum fren..and also know that the good Lord helps..He will never leave us alone..never..

Saturday, October 23, 2004

miss 'em!

i've been doing school papers these few not sure whether i know what im doing..seriously..
1 more week to the o levels..really stressed and nervous..

right after my o levels, the person i would like to see straight away is him..i dunno why, just want to see him right after 3 weeks of stress...hahaz..

mr.jae Ong is ill..very much ill i jae, please take care of yourself will ya..? and drink more h2o and rest more ok..will be praying for your recovery...the good Lord heals..don't worry..

seriously, i miss going to oikos..and i miss my oikos members terribly...really hope to see them tomorrow..can't wait..!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

i hate this..!

im afraid, frustrated, this pent up anger inside..i dunno why..i feel so stressed's like everybody seems to be pinning high hopes on parents, brother, teachers...what if i don't do well..?wouldn't it be such a big let-down to them..?but seriously im trying very hard...very...
i know the good Lord will deliver me..but the feeling of uncertainty and fear still grips me...i trust the Lord to help me..but im not confident in myself..have i tried my best..?have i fully prepare for the o's..?i dunno...
seriously, i don't want to let everybody down..i don't wanna let Him down too...sigh...

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

11 more days..

well on monday i did my o levels science was ok..but chem was tough manz..seriously im not so confident..not as confident as when im at prelim prac..
yesterday i was at home all the time..except in the night..i went for night consultation at school..i was doing my math and science the whole day...some how im afraid cos i feel that i don really have enough preparation...
11 more days to the o levels...sigh...
ok guess that's all manz..going to study now..buh-bye..!

Sunday, October 17, 2004

uplifting day!

today went for church was gr8..!we worshipped and sang praises unto our Father...we danced too..!it was uplifting..!it was spirit-lifting..n we all love it..!
O Father, how we love You..!
after service we went for lunch..had a very good time edifying each other..all my brothers and sisters in Christ really taught me alot and thanks sooooo much for the encouragement..

i can sense his care..his care for me...he's always asking me am i ok...he seems to know that im having probs..he always know that im moody or something is troubling me..i like him being so sensitive to me...
but whatever..he's just a big brother...yea..

tomorrow is science prac..sort of prepared already...just commit everything to God...i trust that He'll help me when i try my best and when i have faith in Him...
the o levels is 2 weeks away...prepared already..but not fully prepared..i mean who would think they are fully prepared muz continue to work hard and trust in God to guide me and take care of me...i really love You, Lord.

guess dats buh-bye..!

Friday, October 15, 2004

thanks mr Ong..!

ok..yesterday i skipped school...i mean it's after our graduation day, can't we like take a rest from studies..?jus one day...and my teacher's mad at us...ok but it's not only me who's 27 out of 38...fine..i know she's pissed..!oh manz..feeling exhausted today...very...we took lotsa served as day i'll look back at our photos and say,"hEy!that's me!" or "hEy!that's how mr.Ong look 10yrs ago!" hahaz..good good...

by the way, mr Ong, thanks a whole bunch for the small talk today...i guess what u said knocked some sense into me...i mean i shld spare a thought for him and's not only us but it also concerns everyone...rite..?yep i guess i get what u mean...and i think what u said is quite wise...ok,don ur head swell..! hahaz..
seriously,it was wise and thanks ar...hee..

yep so i think that's all...see ya..!buh-bye...

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Wow..!! u know..we had our graduation ceremony today..i really felt like crying when i hugged mrs danial and receiving my cert...but im the master of ceremony(MC) i told myself i gotta be professional..i cant drop a tear...after the ceremony i took photo with many will served as memories...
thank you Father for giving me this last chance to host an event in JYSS...
and thank You also for guiding me to do my best...thank you Lord, thank you Jesus..
i guess i'll miss my teachers..all of em..even some who did not really taught me for long...
JYSS rawks...i really had a good time in Jyss...also i gotta thank some teachers for the good testimonials all of you gave...thanks a million..!will not forget u all...sob sob...

Monday, October 11, 2004


today skip sch..cos very tired ma...
yesterday had a good time, going to church service...yung chuan is the worship leader and emily is one of the female vocalist...emily..! U did a gr8 job manz..! yung chuan, ur as good as ever..
yesterday we went for lunch..was gr8 too...enjoyed fellowshipping wif my frens...
guess i'll miss my oikos members very very very extremely much when i cant join them for oikos(until my o levels are over)...

dint have a good rest yesterday..u noe why..?cos he's still in my mind..0wiz in my him, miss him, think bout him day n to have a good rest..?sigh...silly huh...yea i think so too..but i don have a solution..u have..?

whatever..!i hope i could just forget him like how i forget to eat my medicine...hahaz..

Thursday, October 07, 2004

stressed out!!

i feel so stressed really trying my best to study and to work hard...but why is it that everyone seems to think that im not giving my best..?everybody has high expectations on me...especially my parents and my brother...though my parents say they dont really give a heck bout results..but i know in their hearts they do care, and they care alot bout it...i know they do expect really trying hard...
the o levels are coming...24 more days...a lil nervous...
hey im the emcee for my graduation along with Hidahyani...don know whether spelled correctly not...heez..but the thing is mr silva havenot given us the script slow ar...hahaz...
graduation day~reminds me of leaving time flies...the scenes of my sec1 yrs are still fresh in my yesterday was sec1..hahaz..4yrs..4 fruitful yrs have passed...teachers,principal,friends,seniors,juniors and all the events i've hosted...fruitful indeed..
guess i gtg..go take a nap..then wake up and study some more..heez..buh-bye..!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

silly is the word... at school's comp boring decided to blog smth...
yesterday went for night consultation in school...was gr8..i mean i got the help i want and i could stay away from my bed, comp and tv...hahaz..temptations...
sigh...he never msg me one lehz...but dunno why i still like him so much...silly right..?
but i can't help it...its just like this...i like the way he talk to me face to face...just like his gentle sweet and simple...and his nervous laugh...hahaz..silly me...
cant help it...who cares..?i like him..hahaz...

busy in school...revision takes up alot of my time...
but its good...keep my mind occupied...hahaz.....
alvin kor, one word of advice--faithful 2 Da sao.. k..?
heez..guess i gotta go...if not teacher scold scold.hahaz.. buh-bye..!

Monday, October 04, 2004

So Strong...

yesterday went to church service in the morning...sat with my Oikos members...
yesterday's service was totally gr8..its sort of like a new experience...when Pastor Tay prayed for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and ask for the revival of the Holy Spirit in our hearts, the presence of the Holy Spirit was extremely strong manz...we were all speaking in tongues and i could feel my hands shaking...the Spirit sort of like hit me so was a good feeling..
then we went for lunch..talked alot...alvin kor, don worry ok alrite...heez..
truly can't wait for fri and sun...i know every week i say these..but it's true ok..hee..
guess that's all..buh-bye..!

Saturday, October 02, 2004


yesterday was feeling very terrible..went to see my doc in the afternoon...he diagnosed me with...................sore throat, runny nose and fever...then went back home, thought im feeling better already so insisted in going to Oikos...but when i reached home after that, had a high fever...BUT praise the Lord..! He took care of me and healed feeling better already..jus a little irritation in the throat now..
yesterday i brought my bro to oikos...finally he agreed to go..!i really thank the Lord for bringing my bro back to His embrace..!tho im ill, im happy in my heart...cos of sooooo many good things have happen to me...and i oso wanna thank God for giving me Alvin korkor...a very kind and caring and crappy korkor...n very supportive too..Alvin kor---thanx a million for your support manz...heez..
k la..gotta go study liao...buh bye..!

Thursday, September 30, 2004


today was pretty good..did quite a lot of revision in school..
but felt sleepy all the time..dunno why lehz...
perhaps i really miss him...sigh...
don't really feel well today..a little ill..throat hurts, head ache...
lookin' forward to Oikos tomorrow..can't wait for it..heez..
aWw...totally tomorrow then..buh-bye..!

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

... got back prelim results.. english and lit not up to my expectations---both B4 i PASSED my math manz..first time a C5 la.. combined science--i got an A2..unexpected..thought will get lower.. however, i failed my combined humanities and my accounts...sob sob... but still i wanna praise the Lord for taking care and guiding me all the time.. GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME! left one mth to give my best loh...muz work hard..! All the best..! buh-bye..!

Monday, September 27, 2004

im so satisfied..! tired today...jus return frm east coast..cos jus now aft church service we went to east coast for roller blading..1st time i roller blade lehz..kept fallin on my butt..humph..hurts alot u noe..den yung chuan, raymond and me walked on the beach..talked quite alot...oh yea..yeaterday went to attend Don Moen's concert with alvin kor and his family...the concert is Gr8 manz..Don Moen's songs relli touched me ya..sigh..tho im tired but im happy too..cos God gave me such wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ..i love you Lord..thank You soooooo much...

Sunday, September 26, 2004


just a poem i wanna share..

Why is it so?
Just a draft u is to me
But hit me intensely cold
Like a dream captivating my soul

I search your countenance
In hope of finding
Adoration. Affection.
But appears when I dont noticed

Is it because you know me
My thoughts for you
And you shun my presence
Then I should make my feelings few

A must it is
To forget you
A resolution it shall be
Whatever takes it

2 Talkative..?

yesterday went oikos..had a gr8 time worshipping and learning God's word.the best part is sharing..i get to know my brothers and sisters in Christ more..hehe..den we went for the 511 hawker centre...very very talkative yesterday nite..think it's becos of my prelims laz i in very good mood...den talk a lot..i very worried i so talkative will irk my other oikos members...but alvin kor tell me im not talkative but brought joy to them..den i sort of feel more la gotta go eat my br8fast..buh-bye..!

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Had a Gr8 time..!

im totally elated today..!
went out with hui ying, marianne and ling feng..
we had a gr8 time's like gurl power..!!
took neo-prints(realised actually we r quite preety u
den went shopping n eating...guess i put on some weight manz..with all the food and's no doubt lor..hahaz..
later going to fun...can't wait for it..hee..
had a gr8 time..its been a long time since i had such a fabulous outing with my friends...praise the Lord..!!

Finally Over!!

prelims are finally over..!
now rest for a while..ltr going out with marianne, ling feng, huiying, ben and gareth..
really gotta loosen up a bit...
ltr in the night going to Oikos...lookin forward to it...
alvin kor..your bak chor mee ar..won't forget one..hahaz..
k la..gotta go change, meeting them soon..

Friday, September 24, 2004


my goodness..!dunno why im totally exhausted today...
jus 2 not-so-hectic papers..makes me drained...

why isn't he the one starting the conversation...?it's alwiz me starting the conversation one...
really hate it you know...i feel so silly liking him...i don wanna feel like this...
sob sob...

whatever...tomorrow taking my last paper for happy its gonna be over temporarily..still have the o levels ma..but at least can take a break b4 that major one..looking forward to fri cos going to Oikos and can't wait for sunday cos going to church to worship the good Lord; He had been so good to me..alwiz taking care of Him..! also, after church im going out with my church elated manz..

guess dats all..need to go take a eyelids are droopin'..buh-bye..!