Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Love for Lovelies

I finally have the time to blog.
Last few weeks were totally busy with musical rehearsals and performance.
Christmas is coming in 2 days...
and I have not buy any christmas cards or gifts.
I think this christmas will be less gifts and cards, more of food...
By the way, tomorrow night, oikos will be having christmas countdown by the river, beside the indoor stadium.
I'll be bringing self-baked apple crumble and a simple salad.
I had a trial-run on the apple crumble yesterday.
It was great, except that I should less the lemon juice.
Hmmm......I feel great cooking for my loved ones and when they enjoy the food, I feel loved too.
Heh......tomorrow after I baked the apple crumble, I'll take a picture and post it.
You guys can see how it looks.