Monday, November 25, 2013

Networking DOES work!

I met Vintee for lunch last Thursday.
Well, as usual, we're chatting about people visiting and family pressure on getting us to work.
Then she mentioned that Berlitz(a famous language school) was looking for teachers and she went for interview. But the working hours were not in her favor and she wasn't really interested in teaching, so she declined the job offer.
She suggested me to email Berlitz my CV and see how things work.
Well, I did. And I got a reply almost immediately. So I was scheduled for a job interview the next day.
Well, the interview was a tad stressful though. But it all went well and I got the job!
I GOT IT! O well, it doesn't pay very well but it is ok, I don't mind much.
So, I just wanna say a HUGE thank you to Vintee for helping me out and seriously, networking DOES work!