Monday, April 27, 2009

Love You Love Me

I am so blissfully in love.
I love my boyfriend for who he is.
More importantly, he loves me for who I am.
Love you, darling!

Weekend Well Spent

Weekend was well spent albeit some tension among best friends.

I am glad that Lou and I cleared the air, but I truly hope that he knows that I am here, as long as he just say the word, I'll just stay to listen to him rant and rave at me. My shoulders are always available for you to lean on, dude, just like how you've always lent me your shoulders and your listening ear.

Weekend was well spent with excellent musicals and lovely company.
After cell meeting on friday, I surprised my honey by going over to his workplace at the bar with my cell group members. Think my honey couldn't handle THAT kinda surprise huh? Hahaha! But honey was sweet enough to attend to us. Thank you darling, muacks! ^.^
I caught If There's Seasons on saturday with Nic, I liked some of the actors, like Joanna Dong and Jeffrey Low, their vocals are superb man. As for George Chan, his acting improved, much better than the previous version of the musical in 2007.
On sunday, honey and I went for Cats at the Esplanade. Whoo!~ Cats is totally, absolutely cool! I love their dance! So detailed, every movement tells a story. Of course, their vocals are solid! Thumbs up!
Before we watch Cats, we went to Bugis with Timothy and we went to find honey's daddy. His daddy is such an interesting person, I could just sit there and listen to him talk, if its not for his only-one-hour lunch break. He is totally funny.

Of course the whole day was fun and lovely cos I have honey with me.
Love you dear! Muacks! >.<

Friday, April 24, 2009


I had my last observation this morning.
My CT and Boss Number 2 came in to observe.
I thought I was fully prepared, seems like I was wrong.
I overlooked a lot of details.
To add on to the situation, Boss Number 2 is a person who looks into details.
I thought I did very well during lesson, however, after the observation, I got news from my CT that Boss Number 2 wasn't too happy with my lesson.
I was not detailed enough, felt so demoralised.
My CT told me all these flaws in my lesson, I felt like a really lousy teacher.
But she ended encouraging me, saying that no one is born a teacher, we all learn through experiences.
I was truly touched.
People always thought that I am strong enough to bear all criticism and that I am full of confidence, no doubt that I am confident but at times when I hold high expectations yet did not hit them, I will crumble within.
The encouragement from my CT was a crutch to the crippled, it helped me recover from the "lousy teacher" thoughts and accept the fact that I do need to learn and figure out a way of teaching that really helps my students.
Like I always say, it's lives we dealing, it's futures we're moulding.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A New Thing

See my new blogskin?
I totally love it!
My dear brother Art designed for me, so sweet right?
Actually, I sort of demanded it from him lah.
Anyways, I really love it very much.
Art, thanks a gazillionz!

I will be having my 7th observation by my CT tomorrow and my last observation on Friday.
My Number 2 boss will be coming in to observe me too.
So now, I have to hurry to finish my lesson plan for Friday as she wants to view it tomorrow morning.
Till then!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So Screwed

I just finished my 6th observation by my CT.
Things were so screwed up, all because of my stupid thumb drive that died on me last minute.
The whole flow of the lesson was terrible.
I felt the greatest indignity slapped right in my face, 'cause the night before I prepared so well for the lesson and I was so filled with confidence that I could not wait for lesson to begin this morning.
And then, SMACK!
My thumb drive decided to go against me. Everything I prepared could not work.
How nice.
But whatever! Everything's over, I cannot be bothered by it, I've got to move on to prepare for my lesson observation on thursday.
If I cannot use my thumb drive in school computers, I'll bring my uber heavy laptop to school.
I'll do everything to get my work done, till I am satisfied with it.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Being In Love

Yesterday was a totally lovely day for me.
Honey and I went out for a picnic at Sentosa.
Then, we went for a movie: The Sniper.
Well, most of the movie I was sleeping. Too tired to watch lah.
I guess honey was a little embarrassed when he texted his friend what he meant to text me.
Guess his friends teased him big time.
Anyway, my close mates should all by now know about honey and me.
I am glad all of you are happy for me.
Though I am together with someone now, I still belong to everyone ok.
So don't be upset people!
I am still `Dee*, lEi, Manda baby etc etc etc... okie???
Love you people!!!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Sho' Shweeeeet Lah!!!!!

Look! I found this on my table early in the morning, when I reached school.
I was so excited, wondering who is that nice soul that bought it for me.
I thought it was my angel, hahaha!
Nah, it was Samantha, the colleague that I am going to travel with.
She was sho' shweeeeet lah.
I felt so bad seeing her so busy with lessons and vetting of exam papers, was hoping I could help her with something, yet she was still so thoughtful to buy me something nice.
Samantha, Jiayou kays! ^,^

Monday, April 06, 2009

Sho' Shweeeeet!!!!!!

I received 2 pieces of chocolate and a very sweet note from my angel this morning.
My angel left it on my table when I am away in class.
I took a pic of the note and the chocolate.
See...Sho' shweeet right...?
Heehee, it really brightened up my day!
Thanks a gazillionz, my angel!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Many have commented that I should count my blessings for the fact that I do have a stable job and income in times like this.
I do not deny the fact that yes, I do have a stable job.
But it will not turn into my career.
Not that I do not like teaching, but how do you expect me to be willing in a system that I do not agree with?
I love my students(yes, including the rebels).
I love teaching and talking to them, listening to their conversations full of antics.
I dislike the system.
I disagree with the rules.
I hate doing detailed lesson plans.
I disagree with the system of 'no sound means good class'.
Why can't we give our students more space? More freedom of speech?
Even though at times when the things that they speak may sound like rubbish to us, teachers, yet in that 'rubbish' we may see their thoughts and character.(if we ever bother to rummage and look into it)
I know I wouldn't stay in this profession for long, but I will do my best as long as I am in it, 'cos it's lives that we're moulding.