Friday, February 27, 2009

Finally Friday

Today is Friday, the last of my first working week.
I am so tired.
Everyday, I forced myself to press on.
You know, yesterday before I fell asleep, my mind was filled with this question:
'What should I do for my primary 5 lesson plans?'

I had a nightmare.
It was so bad that I woke up at 04:40am and cried my eyeballs out.
Then, I fell on my bed and went back to sleep.
I guess I am too exhausted and stressed.
But given my character, I cannot rest without finishing my work.
Even if I finally cannot take it and collapsed in bed, my mind will still be on my work.
Everyday is work work work for me.
You know, the workload is really heavy.
However, the only thing that drives me to school is my students.
So, if I ever go on medical leave, that means I am really really truly ill.

Okay okay, enough of my ranting.
I gotta go write my primary 5 lesson plans.
Drats, I should have known that life is never a bed of roses.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

We Are Winners

Tomorrow is D-day.
The day that marks the start of practicum.
Many of my babes are kinda depressed over it.
But darlings, remember, we must always keep our heads above the water. (quote from jun)
If we survived, we're winners.
My princesses! What are we? We're WINNERS not LOSERS, yeah?!
Love you babes. Come on girls, give Manda baby a BIG BIG hug!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Start Of Something New?

I think everything should be alright for me by now.
Well, I still like the memories but not feeling too sad whenever I think of them.
So, I guess I will be okay soon.
Thanks a million for the understanding and concern of those who cared, love all of you so much.

Teaching practicum is starting on Monday, 23rd of Feburary.
I need to tweak my mindset a little; to be the ever-optimistic, chirpy and humble student-teacher.
My life is going to be filled with lesson plans AGAIN!!!
Also, I totally have to wreck my brains to think of creative and effective ideas for teaching AGAIN!!!
*roll my delicate eyeballs*

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I like this photo.
I always dream of a love like this; just a simple walk along the beach with the holding of hands and we will look into each other's eyes and smile.
Sounds simple?
Yet so difficult to attain, aint it?
Just like the lyrics say: "dream-maker, you're a heart-breaker."
The man who could have made my dream come true, in the end, was the breaker of my heart.
My heart wasn't too shattered, actually.
Just couldn't get over the fact that top prize just brushed past me like that.
Yes, I know there's even better top prizes out there, but till now, he's the top prize that I've met and actually wanted.
O well, just give me time to get over it okay, though I know he will always be remembered.
Oh yes. Today is Valentine's Day.
To all my lovelies: Enjoy your day of love.
And to him (that is if he ever finds my blog),
I wanted to text you a Valentine's Day message but I do not have that courage to send out the text. So, I'll just write here, hoping that one day you'll be able to find out what I wrote.
[TSCQR, I guess I really fell for you already. This, I don't even know until now. But, I will get over you. We're friends. :) Enjoy your Valentine's Day!]
No matter what, I still hold on to my dream of love. ;)

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Patience Hope Pride





Patience and Hope, 今天真是谢谢你们了。You girls may not know it, but you both really made my day. Pride爱死你们了!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

An affair to remember

So many things happened and I have no idea where to start.
Well, some of my friends are going through a rough patch while some of them are stepping out of their comfort zone. Yes, you guessed right. I am talking about relationships or dating, whatever you want to call it.
For me, I have got something new.
It was quite an embarassing encounter yet so beautiful.
For those who knew, you know how he and I got to know each other.
Some of you who were there, you girls know exactly what I was thinking and doing at that time, and of course, what he did.
Well, yesterday he and I went out.
I never dated someone like him. He's so different from the guys I've ever dated.
Yes, he took a while to open up to strangers.
Yet, strangely, we opened up to each other more than what we expect we will.
And I like the good impressions on our first date. I don't know about him, but I do like what I see and how I feel.
I don't know if there is going to be more to this but even if it is for this once, it will still and always be an affair to remember.
At least to me, yes, that will be how it is. was really minute yet incredibly significant......