Saturday, November 26, 2005

these photos are taken yesterday when we went to dramaBox. we waited for ah liang to finish his workshop. these were taken in front of dramaBox office. haha! farniez ritex! we wait until very bored, almoz stoning already. so decided 2 do smthg silly. ha!
den we did human sculpture. yes, right there at pagoda street. haha! alot of tourists took photos of us. and many stopped to take a look at us. ha!
we had fun!
oh today is danny yeo's bday, so well, JunWei, Happy Birthday!! =)
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Thursday, November 17, 2005

i went to watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire yesterday. sneak preview.
this time there's many humorous scenes, very interesting. everyone in the cinema burst out in laughter. lol!

but of course, there's scenes that are very touching, made me cry. especially the part when Harry brought Cedric's body back from the graveyard. the delirious state when everyone will be when their loved ones die. sigh...

life's busy. will blog more next time. >_<" v

Monday, November 14, 2005

26 people saved yesterday!!
during good neighbours' day!!! woohoo!! i'm so filled with joy!

today i was busy. busy with school work and chss stuff. discussed some activities with yuan zi.
realised we really have a lot to do. O well, by God's strength not by myself.

feelings crossed my brains like teevee wires. many thoughts and opinions. about people, lecturers, dreamz, future, everything. every single thing i see, i will develop thoughts about it.

my journal is filled with my silly thoughts. but i love reading them. this minute i wrote them down, 3 hrs later when i read the same entry, i smile at the way i think. ha!

oh yep, yesterday afternoon, i went for youth service. i guess i could say i had fun, i get to know more of them. they are really different from previously(when i last saw them, which is like last year.) i could say they've mature but they still need guidance.

well, gotta go! family time!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

yep, yesterday was really fun!!!
cos we had oikos!many laughter and sharing. also, yesterday before tutorial start, mavis and i had a small caregrp. we did praise and worship and word was edifying and encouraging. felt recharged after the whole thg.nway, i'll be keeping a written journal in chi, so i'll write in eng over here.(mostly) haha, we have to be bilingual u noe...btw, i found out the meaning behind the chi names of my oikos members.all beautiful names.i'm gna tell them, make them feel proud of their chi names.haha! cool! will end here, gg to church tmr.will be serving as befrienders for good neighbours' day. gotta slp early, nitez peeps!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

me in claz, after jun wei's lecture. can see tt i'm darn happy ritez..?ha!

i look forward to tomorrow.'s O-I-K-O-S, oikos!! which means household.
yay! we are one big family!! haha!

i'm so happy! oh yea! i'm so happy!

okay, today i'll keep it short!

but i still gotta say he's shuai dai le! orhz!!!

Monday, November 07, 2005

busy busy busy.

my life. that word is used to describe my life.

no, add another word will be better. fulfilling.

busy yet fulfilling.

i realised i'm willing to walk the extra mile because i find joy in the things i do.

i like christmas rehearsals, barnabas ministry, baptism classes, talking to some of the youths( i felt like an older sister when i'm with them!), school and going out with students from zhejiang university city college( ZUCC).

i know i'm gonna be really really busy this whole semester. but no worries, i know with God, everything will be OK!!! >_<" v

i read my bible last night, the verse that came to me was
2 Corinthians 12:9-10
.....For when I am weak, then I am strong.
no matter what persecutions or insults or difficulties we faced, God's grace and power will always be sufficient.

lastly, i just want to say, in this past few months, God taught me the lesson of humbling myself. to let go of my pride and ego, and He opened my eyes to much more knowledge and lessons of life. i thank Him for that.

i lOve HiM aLwayS. =)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005











hey hey hey!!
i got a new layout for my blog!!
hee brother helped me with it. no, to be exact; it's he who did it for me.
we both got the same design, just different colour. u can visit his too. i'm happy today. though a lil' exhausted from yesterday's school lecturers, meeting and entertaining some students from zhejiang university and a whole day of rehearsal today.
though busy, i'm feeling contented. very! talk more l8r, now it's dinner time!