Monday, May 19, 2014


There're apparels, accessories and beauty products.
If you're interested in any, email me at

Vintage Hand-sewn Crocheted Cropped Top: $12
Vintage Hand-sewn Crocheted Beige Top: $12
Vintage Hand-sewn Crocheted Black Top: $12
Hottie Denim Shorts: $10 (BN)
Skirt 1: $5
Skirt 2: $5
Primark Belt: $4 (BN)
Anna: $9 (BN)
Amber: $5
Diana: $9 (BN)
Becca: $8 (BN)
Elegance: $8 (Earrings - BN)
Long Necklace 1: $5
Long Necklace 2: $5(SOLD!)
Long Necklace 3: $5
Hairband 1: $4
Hairband 2: $4 for both
Hairband 3: $3
Hairband 4: $3
Hairband 5: $3
Hairband 6: $3
Cath Kidston Rose Hand Cream(12ml): $4(SOLD!)
Sabai-Arom Hand Cream(75g): $10 each(BN)

Soap&Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub(300ml): $20(BN)
Soap&Glory Flake Away Body Polish(50ml): $5(BN)
Soap&Glory The Righteous Butter(50ml): $5(BN)
Soap&Glory Butter Yourself(300ml): $18(BN)
Champneys Distant Shores Scrub & Body Butter Set: $40(BN)
Champneys Miracle Balm: $10(BN)
Karmakamet Handmade Soap(JOY): $15(SOLD!)
Bath & Bloom Hand Cream(35ml): $5 each.(BN)
If you buy as a set, it comes with a gift box.

Monday, May 05, 2014

Pebble and The Book Thingy - the NEW in my life

I'm 25 weeks pregnant now.
15 more weeks before the arrival of Pebble!
I realised that Pebble is very active yet very camera shy. Whenever I try to capture moments of her movements, she doesn't move. When I put the camera away, she'll move like crazy.

Yesterday night, I felt stretching pains in the right side of my tummy area. Naturally I rubbed it a little to try to soothe the pain.
Pebble then gave a sharp jab at that area, causing greater pain.
I was in such a pain that I bent down abruptly while walking. I think that shocked my Beee, I told him what happened and he immediately told Pebble off. And Pebble stopped kicking that area. Amazing, ain't it?

O ya, I'm starting my online business. Renting and selling second hand books online!~
It's called: The Book Thingy.
You guys can like and follow The Book Thingy on Facebook, Instagram, Carousel, Google+.
Here's our website: Do check it out ya!~

Ok, will update more soon!