Thursday, September 30, 2004


today was pretty good..did quite a lot of revision in school..
but felt sleepy all the time..dunno why lehz...
perhaps i really miss him...sigh...
don't really feel well today..a little ill..throat hurts, head ache...
lookin' forward to Oikos tomorrow..can't wait for it..heez..
aWw...totally tomorrow then..buh-bye..!

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

... got back prelim results.. english and lit not up to my expectations---both B4 i PASSED my math manz..first time a C5 la.. combined science--i got an A2..unexpected..thought will get lower.. however, i failed my combined humanities and my accounts...sob sob... but still i wanna praise the Lord for taking care and guiding me all the time.. GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME! left one mth to give my best loh...muz work hard..! All the best..! buh-bye..!

Monday, September 27, 2004

im so satisfied..! tired today...jus return frm east coast..cos jus now aft church service we went to east coast for roller blading..1st time i roller blade lehz..kept fallin on my butt..humph..hurts alot u noe..den yung chuan, raymond and me walked on the beach..talked quite alot...oh yea..yeaterday went to attend Don Moen's concert with alvin kor and his family...the concert is Gr8 manz..Don Moen's songs relli touched me ya..sigh..tho im tired but im happy too..cos God gave me such wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ..i love you Lord..thank You soooooo much...

Sunday, September 26, 2004


just a poem i wanna share..

Why is it so?
Just a draft u is to me
But hit me intensely cold
Like a dream captivating my soul

I search your countenance
In hope of finding
Adoration. Affection.
But appears when I dont noticed

Is it because you know me
My thoughts for you
And you shun my presence
Then I should make my feelings few

A must it is
To forget you
A resolution it shall be
Whatever takes it

2 Talkative..?

yesterday went oikos..had a gr8 time worshipping and learning God's word.the best part is sharing..i get to know my brothers and sisters in Christ more..hehe..den we went for the 511 hawker centre...very very talkative yesterday nite..think it's becos of my prelims laz i in very good mood...den talk a lot..i very worried i so talkative will irk my other oikos members...but alvin kor tell me im not talkative but brought joy to them..den i sort of feel more la gotta go eat my br8fast..buh-bye..!

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Had a Gr8 time..!

im totally elated today..!
went out with hui ying, marianne and ling feng..
we had a gr8 time's like gurl power..!!
took neo-prints(realised actually we r quite preety u
den went shopping n eating...guess i put on some weight manz..with all the food and's no doubt lor..hahaz..
later going to fun...can't wait for it..hee..
had a gr8 time..its been a long time since i had such a fabulous outing with my friends...praise the Lord..!!

Finally Over!!

prelims are finally over..!
now rest for a while..ltr going out with marianne, ling feng, huiying, ben and gareth..
really gotta loosen up a bit...
ltr in the night going to Oikos...lookin forward to it...
alvin kor..your bak chor mee ar..won't forget one..hahaz..
k la..gotta go change, meeting them soon..

Friday, September 24, 2004


my goodness..!dunno why im totally exhausted today...
jus 2 not-so-hectic papers..makes me drained...

why isn't he the one starting the conversation...?it's alwiz me starting the conversation one...
really hate it you know...i feel so silly liking him...i don wanna feel like this...
sob sob...

whatever...tomorrow taking my last paper for happy its gonna be over temporarily..still have the o levels ma..but at least can take a break b4 that major one..looking forward to fri cos going to Oikos and can't wait for sunday cos going to church to worship the good Lord; He had been so good to me..alwiz taking care of Him..! also, after church im going out with my church elated manz..

guess dats all..need to go take a eyelids are droopin'..buh-bye..!