Tuesday, February 28, 2006

had a great day yesterday.
celebrating feng's birthday!
i had fun creating havoc manz!
lol =))
yesterday had too much glucose, went "sugar rush"!
was like a madwoman, drunk and having fun.
here are some of e photos. still waiting for more!

darling gurl, me in pink, nig in red hair & joce in white. we're crazy fools, but we're having fun!

wah liew! Nigel! u betta be honoured ar! both ur ex here hor! hahaha! & we 3 are good fwens, bestest fwens manz! can u believe it?!hahaha!

Nig & me. trying 2 rekindle ol'flame? NO WAY! we can only play. ha!

silly pin wen. don act shy la. it was jus a k***. muahahahaha!

i LOOOOOVVVEEEE dis pic la!!! best one of all! pin wen looks charming in dis. shuai dai le!! T_T my dear, am i gorgeous?? hahahahaha!!!!! ;p i had soooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchie fun!!!!!

jocelyn took this when i was waiting for e gurls to get out of the toilet. paiseh la, was tired from all the havoc ma..i exudes dis sensual feeling eh..? hahahaha! all thanks 2 jocelyn who has good phtography skills! thks gurlie!

i really had fun yesterday night. its been a long time since im lidat. u guys brought back ol'school memories manz..love ya guys!! =)

Thursday, February 23, 2006

tomorrow night.
24 Feb 2006.
@ Caleb room, Bethesda Cathedral.

we'll start this time of continuos W.H.O
A time to seek His face,
lift our voices
& sing His praises!
Come, join us in Worship Him Only!
Non-stop worship, not to be missed!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Veni, vide, vici. - "i came, i saw, i conquered."
-Julius Caesar.

"while some people make theatre, we all are theatre."
-Augusto Boal.



Anton Chekhov or Constantin Stanislavsky? Comedy or Tragedy?

"The first and most important master [is] feelings..."
-Constantin Stanislavsky


Ahh...how i love theatre!!!!
i want to go back to theatre!
my love for it has been revived!
the fire of theatre!!! thaw this love for you, this special love in me, buried once but now revived.
oh yes!! yum yum! drama, here i come! [throw my coat & sashay]

Thursday, February 16, 2006

很多时候我都得使出我的public relations skills因为我总要面对高层。

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

these few days i've been slacking at home, recuperating from my illnesses and doing my homework. other than that i've been sleeping or watching teebee, so slack right..?
starting to feel a bit guilty, sigh...
& i miss my CHSS work..
dunno why, finally i got a rest from all those busy stuff yet now i miss them. sigh...

im feeling betta now, my cough not that bad already, almost healed.
thankz a gaZillionz to those who prayed for me and sweetie Remus's 'specially-delivered-to-my-doorsteps' medicine. it was really effective brother!

time to sleepzz...im tired..

Monday, February 13, 2006

i look like i've got asthma.
i just keep coughing and coughing, non-stop.
jean ong say my voice is sexy. bah-ness. wadeva la.

im drowsy..
need sleep desperately.
cant talk much nw, let me sleep please!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

im so infected by the flu bug and cough worm.
soon the fever beaver will come chewing my brain.
exhaustion is the word.
i over worked.
i never say out loud my weariness as long as i think i can cope.
but this time, it's different.
i cant take it anymore.
i over worked and tire myself.
i could feel it very strongly.
finally, this BIG event "tile genie competition" is OVER!
i need a long vacation and good rest.
i need to spend more time talking AND listening to God.
exhausted from my assignments chiong-ing and heavy workload.
and everybody seems to want a piece of me, amanda do dis, yun lei do tt.
do these, do that, hello!!!!! do i look like im superwoman??!!

& that stoopid lect Lee yelled at me when i meet w some probs in printing.
ok whole story goes like dis la...
im doing game templates for him la, den try 2 cut short, what happen was i went into the staff room to help him print the templates back to back. den who noes the template came out half on 1 pge half on e other. so im not very good at handling comp what...so i called him to ask him how?? what shld i do?? as a lect he shld be helping & guiding me la. u noe what he did?
he yelled at me: why u so problematic one?! cant u solve it on ur own??!
n i was stunned, i said: okok, i'll solve it on my own.
den i was about to breakdown la, cant fixed the printing thg ma.
den as i was in distress, ah Nan(my lect) came to my rescue. yay!!
worst thgs happens later, my hands were full(holding my HUGE laptop & one thick stack of papers & a tshirt) when he ask me to call my fellow friends to go 4 briefing.
he din offer to help me. fine, all i could say is he's not gentleman enough la.
worst still, when another lect ah cheng came behind us with a laptop and 2 small boxes and using e phone, dis freaky Lee actually rush and insist to help ah cheng hold his things.
i went like, OMG!!! apple-polishing!!!! EEEWW!!! so Por the older lects!!! so FAKE!!!!
i want every1 to noe that his(ass Lee) life in NP wont be cool.
he better don tread on my toes again, i make sure his name will appear notorious in front of our principal. i'll make my coursemates pai chi him BIG time.

never felt dis much resentment towards a tcher b4 u noe.
he is really fake and conniving.
have to beware.

alright guys, i seriously need some good rest.
im gna find cha ye dan in my sweeeet sweeeet dreamz...
love ya ppl!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

ronnie 的日志让我有共鸣。




Monday, February 06, 2006

不要回来, 你已经自由了,我也已经自由了!