Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Loves

I am glad that this week is ending soon.
After this week, I'll be left with one thesis and three examinations.
I will be loading off my burdens......soon.

I am tired.
Not physically. This is mental.
I think the hyped-up, tense feeling is going to stick with me till the end of semester.
And I hate it.

I am happy that friday is coming.
'Cos I am going for breakfast with Faith.
It's our heart to heart chat time again.

I am happy that saturday is coming.
'Cos I am meeting Lou and Nic.
S'been a long time since I last meet my loves.

Weekend should be here ASAP.
'Cos I can't wait.

Impulse Kills......Or Not......?

This week is packed with presentations and essays to hand in.
Sometimes I hoped that these assignments will just catch fire on their own and burn themselves away.
Yet, sometimes, I wished that there will be more piling on me, so that I would not spend my free time thinking of the unhappy stuff and what my close friends are going through.

"You think too much" that's what Dearie always says to me.
Actually, what she said was half right.
I do think a lot, but that was always after I did something impulsive.
Those who knew what I did, just know that I still cannot figure out why I did that.
It was totally on impulse.

Probably what Faith said was right.
After so many things that happened, we do need a rest.
And Faith, if both of you still love each other when he comes back from overseas, then why not give him another chance? Let this overseas trip be a time if testing and acceptance for both you and him.
Just remember that no matter what happens, you still have your friends here.
Here to support, here to love.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I am so sick and tired of everything.
To be exact, I detest school.
I mean, I like attending lessons and learning new stuff.
But I really hate assignments.
They are getting on my nerves!!!
In the evening I went for dinner with my roomie Daphne.
See, that's her!

I had spicy hotpot at Hall 2 canteen.
Not too bad, but the stock taste weird.

Seriously, hall 2 canteen is a million times better than hall 9 canteen. I shall go to hall 2 canteen often.

Gotta go complete my project, update again.

Monday, October 13, 2008

I am so freaking sianz......
So much assignments to finish but I just don't seem to have the enthusiasm to complete them.
Especially group assignments, I hate them.

Musical rehearsals are fun but they totally drained me out.
I've never felt so exhausted with rehearsals before. I guess it's my challenging role that's getting on me.
This time the role that I got is a huge challenge to me but I like it, 'cause challenge means fun and that great sense of acheivement I feel when I get into the character and do it well.
Can't wait for weekends to come, 'cause it's rehearsal time!!!

Will update if I've got more to say.
For now, off to the shower I go!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Movie Night Alone

I went to catch a movie just now.
It was "BIG STAN".

If anyone needs a good laugh, this movie is great manz!
I was laughing the whole time during the show, people in the cinema laughed together.
The show is truly funny.

I think Schneider did an excellent job this time.
Thumbs up for Scneider!

I rate BIG STAN: 4 popcorns outta 5.


I changed my spectacles and my mobile phone!!!

Look like nerd, right? But come on, I'm cute! Hahaha!

By the way, I've changed my mobile phone to Samsung F480.

Update you guys next time, I want to sleep now.

Yes, right now.