Saturday, September 16, 2006

okay, now i got some idea what to blog.
i realised i want to have a "MUST DO" list with my boyfriend.
muahahahaha. (too bad for you, now then i have this list.)
not happy with me? then don't be my boyfriend lah!
*giggles* never force you anyway. ;)

1. He must shout "I LOVE YOU, AMANDA TAN!" in front of everybody.
i know i'm crazy to suggest this, but it's me. too bad! LOL! ;p

2. He must learn how to build the rapport with my family and friends.
if he can do this, we won't face much objections. and and and..if we have a quarrel or i'm pissed with him, he can turn to my family or friends to ask how am i. i hope to do the same thing too, with his family and friends. boo! >.< v

3. He must take care of me when i'm not feeling well.
well...he did fulfil this lah. and it was really sweet of him to do so. he took me to the doctor and bought me food when i had high fever. insist i drink loads of water when i had sore throat.
sooooo, thumbs up for him on this one. hahaha! =)

4. He must do groccery with me and cook up a meal for him together.
yes, i admit i'm not very good in housework and cooking. but i will learn & we can cook together!
it'll be fun, i'm sure.

5. He must take loads of photos with me.
cos both of us are so damn good looking. if we don't take photos together, ain't it a waste?!

6. He must take me to some small, unique shops for food and shopping. explore every nook and corner of singapore.
buy some cute unique stuff, have some time to chillax.

7. We must understand each other have their own life and career.
we have to allow each other time to concentrate on career cos we're still so young.
just be with each other and support and care.

8. He must be honest with me.
whether he happy or not, like it or not, just tell me.
got a problem? spit it out.

9. He must sit on a BIG and HIGH ferris wheel with me.
and we'll enjoy the view from high above. if we can, we'll take a ride on a HUGE hot air balloon.
that would be even better! =)

10. He must LOVE me.
duh. just do it. *giggles*

hmm...guess that's all for now. if there's more, i'll add them into this list. lol. ;)
he must be amused by my list.
hmmm..feel much better now.
love y'all.
i really have no idea what's wrong with me.
i guess it must be the long holidays that's getting on my nerves.
or maybe it's the things that have been happening all along.
gosh, save me.

actually i've got so much to say
but i don't know how to put them down here.
Gahh.. it's so tough.

forget it.

Monday, September 11, 2006

date: 7 Sep 2006
activity: drinking & merry making at Loof Bar.
participants: Art bro, Dyl dahling, Nic dear, Mx & moi!! ;)

me & Art. at dhoby ghaut station.

me with my SeaBreeze. high with drinks. hahaha..

me & Nic trying to be wacky with our drinks. ;)

me, Nic & Mx. trying to be =p

Dyl & me. waiting for our food. staaarrrrrrving..

the group of us at Loof bar. Art, Dyl, me, Nic & Mx.

will post more photos when i have the time. that's all for now!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

long time since i blogged.
guess quite a lot happened recently.
good? not good? i don't know.
but they sure caused quite a few waves in my emotions.

i love him.
love him too much.
so much so that i'm scared.
that i'll lose him.

i know i can never give as much as she did.
she did a lot for him, she's just too good.

but if she comes back crying
and he returns to her, what else can i do?
i'll just leave.
if he stops loving me
i know my love for him won't be able to stop instantaneously.
i'll just leave.

if it ever hurts
it hurts within.
no one will ever see.

i've decided to just take things as it comes.
trust rather than being paranoid abt stuff.
nothing i can do anyways.
so just TRUST and LOVE.
yup, i'm right.
forget regrets.
live this moment as my last.