Thursday, January 02, 2014


I'm 8 weeks pregnant.

Yes, I know right? So unbelievable! But it is true.
Well, actually I'm not supposed to tell everyone about it before the first trimester is over, but heck, nobody reads my blog, so who cares man! I'm gonna write it here and now.


When I first found out that I was pregnant was 3 weeks ago when I went back to Singapore for holiday. Of course, my hubby wasn't with me, he needs to work. So, yes, when I found out I was pregnant, he's not with me. Something that's sort of regretful, sort of.

So...why did I did the whole pregnancy test thingy?
Firstly, fatigue. It was so embarrassing when you're out with your friends and you're constantly yawning and eyelids drooping.
Next, my boobs swell and hurt. Big time. Never been that bad before.
Thought these are just PMS, but then, there's more.
No appetite and a drastic change of appetite. Thought it was a good thing to slim down a little.
Nausea. I'm always feeling nauseous, just that it was worse than before.
Missing of period. THIS was what got me thinking cos I've been tracking my period.

So yeah, I did 4 pregnancy tests, went to visit the gynecologist and yes, I was 5 weeks pregnant then.
Now, I'm in my week 8.
Hubby is excited and he talks to Pebble (it's a nickname we gave the baby) everyday.

So, yes, we're looking forward to the new life.

Our Pebble.