Thursday, June 30, 2005

very busy the past few weeks. tons of projects and essays fell on our backs.
well, by God's grace, i finished all of my projects and stuff. o well, except for SOCPSY.

God is good to me. at first i was really afraid of that pile of homework that was waiting for me.
but God helped me to overcome my fear. thank you Lord.

God is good, all the time. & all the time,God is good.

later in the afternoon, my team members and i, we're gna present our fundamentals in translation project. pray that everything goes smoothly.

will update again. Love You, Father.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

good girl

i want to be a good girl, Father. You know me, You know my heart. i love You.
Lead me Holy Spirit, lead me.
i just want to be a good girl, Lord help me.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

ok ok.. amanda here shall admit she finds the drummer cute.

but like what..? i don't care!

For goodness sake! i find lotsa guys cute!! like the guys in PSF..? i mean a few of 'em
*roll my delicate eyeballs*

miss Jae a lot. hope he's still fine in NY. & Jae Darling, i'm so not flirting with you..hahaz.. *sticks out my tongue* yep, will learn some skills from you, but not to be a blessing to my future hubby(if i ever have one) -shrugZ- hubby..the idea freaks me

went out with gurlfriend-marianne today. Love her soooo much. miss her like hell. we talked so much and we went to one fullerton for tea. Love ya gurl..ur the best!

ok ok..just 1 more confession: i find shad uber cute. like...TOTALLY!!!! ok is Leo, Maman, Mel, Ken & so on & so forth. i mean, OMG! what am i doing?!!Darn!Freaky!!Bleah!

i'm such a Don Juan! *raise one eyebrow*

Thursday, June 09, 2005

what to do?

O well, what can i say?

i think i love PSF more & more. i've like fallen in love with the people there. can't wait for the next PSF meeting.

i start to doubt myself. my ability to go through this course. i realized i can't express myself well in chinese.

i can feel my confidence drooping really low. i'm afraid, i'm really afraid.

i have no idea how to be confident again. i really don't know how.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

believe and receive

i guess every friday is my best day of the week. cos i'll be having 3 hours of chinese drama practical with heng leun.
yesterday night i went to oikos. had such a great time praying in the Spirit. and kevin prepared the word ed, it was amazing! i mean it! i learnt alot of things from word ed yesterday.
then i was paired up with yi chao for prayer. yi chao had a toothache, so i laid my hands on his cheek and i prayed for healing from Jesus and prayed for yi chao to have that strong faith to believe and claim the healing from God on high. when i opened my eyes, he was grinning at me, and he told me that when i was praying, his tooth dropped and the pain was gone!! Hallelujah!! Believe & receive! i think it was the child likeness in yi chao that allowed him to trust in God completely, leaning on Him completely. so let's all have the child likeness in us, to trust and lean on Him completely!!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

no Don Juan anymore!!!

went for psf meeting on tues. it was fun but we went off really late. anyway, i'm like the only CHS girl there..but almost everyone thought that i'm a mass comm girl. i mean even my class rep commented on me being so like mass comm i really look like one..?! blah! whatever! who cares anyway?! we're all from the same school--FMS.

school is really fun!i mean Ngee Ann life is totally cool! i like it! studies start to get really busy. i'm now having 2 homework, one due in week 5, another due in week 7. the former is a research on a great translator in china. the latter is a theatre review on Amber by Liao Yi Mei/Meng Jing Hui. minimum words for my review is 1250!!! in chinese characters ok!!! whoosh..!! hope i could do a really good job!!

& jae, yes you've told me like in a million times!!! but you know, i don mind the jae right now..!hahaz..okok..jus kidding ok..*sheepish smile*
& i promise i will stop my Don Juan style. don't worry ok. i'll do the right thing. >_<"
& jae, have fun in NY ya, muz take good care of yourself ok..when you're free, we'll go catch a movie or play together ok.. ;) Love ya loads.. ;p