Friday, June 24, 2016


Ok, updates. *blows away the dust from this blog*

What can I say? The last time I posted here...was 2 years ago, before my daughter was born. Yups, that was a loooooonnnnnng time ago. I celebrated my 3rd wedding anniversary. My daughter is turning 2 years old in about 1.5 months. I went back to work in year 2015 and left the service in year 2016. Ohhh yaasss...I QUIT!!! FINALLY!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

Yes, I am very happy that I quit my job as a MOE teacher. But I turned to tutoring, which is teaching as well. However, I think I'll go back to getting a job next year. I need colleagues and a purpose to wake up to everyday. This time, I'm gonna be a translator. Like, a legit one, not a freelance but a full-time translator. 

I realised I WANT to be an OL. I want to wake up everyday, put on my makeup, decide on my work wear and walk in my high heels with my staff pass hanging on my neck. Then, gather with my colleagues during lunch time, wallet and mobile phone in my hand, deciding what to eat for lunch. I want to gather in conference room or pantry for meeting, with a cuppa and scheduler in my hand. Then, sit in my cubicle and typing away furiously, editing the ridiculous translations that computers generated and emailing them to my team mates.

OMG! I am feeling excited just imagining these! Of course, after work I'll rush home to spend some time with my daughter. Then, Friday nights and weekends will be reserved for my precious loved ones. Just the thought of living the above mentioned pumps me with adrenaline. Working alone and being self-employed/freelance isn't something I want in a long run. I need a team, colleagues to work and gossip with. I need a purpose/occasion to put on makeup and dress up nicely, WORK is the best excuse and motivation!

Of course there'll be sacrifices to be made but I know what I want and need, so, yes I've made up my mind to work in a company, with colleagues, salary and benefits. Thanks. >,<