Thursday, May 31, 2007


I miss home.
I miss my family members and my gang of friends.
45 more days to maison douce à la maison.
I'm lookin' forward to the day I reach Changi airport.
Gatherings with my friends, over coffee and alcohol and food!!!
My family and gang, I LOVE YOU!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

dreams and destiny

I believe everyone has their own destiny and dreams.
I also believe that if one wants something, the whole universe will conspire to help you acheive it.
I have a dream.
A dream that I'll never give up, even till the end.
Many times, I have the thought of giving up, but no, my heart will keep reminding me of the dream that I always habour in me.
Sometimes, fear of failure stops me from pursuing my destiny.
So, I shall stop fearing because the only thing that stops a dream from being achieved, is the fear of failure.
Therefore, my friends out there, if you know your dream and destiny, follow it and never give up. Even if you die pursuing your destiny, it'll be a glorious death. A death without regrets.
My dreams and destiny, I'll lived it out.

Monday, May 28, 2007

my colour aura

Interior decorators will tell you to paint your walls yellow to make your room more cheerful. That said, it's as if those with yellow auras live their entire lives in a yellow room. Their happy-go-lucky, optimistic personalities and nearly boundless energy make them the life of the party. But these childlike qualities can mask their deeper emotions, including an inability to (and almost a fear of) staying put and committing to one thing, as well as a need to be liked.
If you are a creative spirit who loves her freedom so much that it's hard to stay in one place for long, you may have a yellow aura.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

a love worth giving

Love...bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
1 Corinthians 13:4-7 (NKJV)

Wouldn't it be nice if love were like a cafeteria line?
What if you could look at the person with whom you live and select what you want and pass on what you don't?

What if parents could do this with kids?
"I'll take a plate of good grades and cute smiles, and I'm passing on the teenage identity crisis and tuition bills."

What if kids could do the same with parents?
"Please give me a helping of allowances and free lodging but no rules or curfews, thank you."

And spouse with spouse?
"H'm, how about a bowl of good health and good moods. But job transfers, in-laws, and laundry are not on my diet,"

Wouldn't it be great if love were like a cafeteria line?
It would be easier. It would be neater.
It would be painless and peaceful.
But you know what?
It wouldn’t be love.
Love doesn't accept just a few things.
Love is willing to accept ALL things.

-By Max Lucado-

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Family and Friends

I read my friends' blogs.
Many of them are unhappy.
Many of them want to go home.
My friends, I'm here, alright.
The ever-smiling and crazy Amanda is here to lift up your mood.
Even if it's silly, even if it's just for a short while, I still want to see you guys happy.

I want to give thanks to God.
My parents learnt how to use msn and webcam because their baby princess is all the way here in China.
My mom learnt how to tag on my blog, use icons to express her encouragement for me.
Thank you pa and ma, I love you guys.
I thank God for both of you.


Well, not forgetting my brother. My closest and greatest brother on earth, love you and miss you so much. You know everything about me, just like my twin.
I thank God for you.
My gang of friends in Singapore, if it's not for your emails and encouragement all these while, I might not be able to go through these few months in a strange place. You guys are my support always.
I thank God for all of you.

My roomies.
Though sometimes we scream at each other, laugh at each other, nag at each other, but when I'm ill, you guys cared for me.
Though you guys nag at me to eat proper meals, drink more water, sleep more, stop me from eating too much ice-cream, but I know these are ways you guys care.
And I thank God for all of you.

Family and Friends. Love you guys.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

gimme rest

These few days I couldn't sleep well.
Many times I would end up sleeping in the morning and waking in just a few hours.
Don't ask me why, because I really have no idea.
Physically I am sleepy but my mind just can't stop tossing around.
I'm down with some stupid flu again, no appetite at all, just want to sleep all day.

Hmmm...talking about sleep.
This morning's lessons are the best sleeping pills ever.
My lecturers are basically just ranting and ranting like a drill,
they either look at the ceiling or look out of the windows when they are teaching.
How amazing.
If it's not because of the lethargy in me, I would have laughed through the whole day.
Totally funny sight, you guys should be here to experience the way the lecturers teach.

I think everybody here misses home and friends, misses Singapore.
Nobody is truly happy here, though yes, we try to be optimistic but home is always the best.
Sometimes, I play around, trying to be silly and all, it's because I just want to lift the moods of my roomies and friends here.
No use being sour and bitter because we'll only suffer, so why not smile and be strong?

You know, I realised I do learn somethings from drama serials.
The character of being strong and optimistic.



抱起我 看医生


叫我声 傻丫头



对你 我有没有意义

I wrote this lyrics, my first attempt, so might not be very good.
But I'm kinda excited that I wrote my first set of lyrics.
Well, the problem here now is I have no music background, so I can't find a suitable melody for it. So, if anyone of you can help me, I'll be so glad.
Don't ask me why I wrote this, it's just inspiration.
Lala...Lalalala~ Lala...Lalalala~

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Sun

The weather here is getting hotter and hotter, well, so is my dress sense.
Wahahaha!!! (>.<) v

Sunny weather lifts my mood up, I simply love the feeling of being sun-kissed!
I love the brillance of the Sun piercing deep through my skin and into my bones, the sweltering heat burns my skin and set my soul on fire.
The most beautiful part is the crimson of sunset, the flaming rays seems to be burning with passion for life, though it doesn't last for long but you'll see it everyday.

I just simply love the Sun.

Let me ride the chariot with Helios.

Monday, May 07, 2007


To my greatest brother,
you know you have my greatest support in everything yeah. I admire your courage and don't worry, I'll stand by you no matter what. Who ask us to be such close siblings and we share the same blood flowing in us, so of course, we'll raise our shields and block all arrows yeah! Believe in your love and your way of love, it'll bring you through all things.

All of us need support from both our family and friends, so my friends out there who need support, you know you can mail me, tag me, sms me or call me. If I don't have some good advice, at least I have a pair of ears to listen and a BIG care-hug for your comfort. And not to forget, a heart that feels for you. Cheers to great friendships!

Love y'all. *muackz*

Saturday, May 05, 2007

two people

It's always great to see, or just to know, that there's another couple around somewhere.
How I always tell my gang of friends to just love and be loved, a bittersweet feeling, it gives you the courage to go through anything with the person you loved.
Personally, I'm very glad for my gang of friends who found their partners, some are happily in honeymoon stage while some are going through some ruts in their journey together.
No matter what, treasure each other and be understanding towards each other.
Another few of my friends are still searching for their love.
To them, I say; my friend, don't be too gan-cheong, let nature takes it course. Enjoy whatever freedom you can while you're single. ;)

While some couples are made, there're also couples separating.
I have friends who are facing break ups. Sigh.
Some don't eat or even socialise anymore.
Some cut themselves to lessen the pain in their hearts or just to prove their existence.
Love could be sweet but it could hurt too.

I found my love long ago, just that I didn't treasure Him as much as I do now, yet His love for me never end and it'll never ever end.







Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I will post more if I'm free, for now, bear with these, okie?
Take good care, my family and buddies!
Love y'all!
(>.<) v