Wednesday, February 23, 2005


wow, it's been a long time since i last blog.
i guess i did backslided a little in my faith but i picked it up again.
i've been listening to rev. Kong's cd on 'ANTINOMIANISM'
it's so cool ok. i mean i really gotta say rev.Kong is a great preacher. so is pastor Tay, pastor Mark and rev. Raymond Mooi.
anyway, back to the topic on antinomianism. i learnt that the hindrance to the gospel 2000 yrs ago was legalism but in the end times, the hindrance to the gospel would be antinomianism--lawlessness.
the antinomians will be alot more scarier than the legalists. (tho' legalists are very scary already) antinomians believe that they had God's grace which saved them and they abolish the need of the law[esp the 10 commandments]
what was worse was that they indulge in sins, enjoy sinning and they preach antinomianism!!!!
imagine that, world full of antinomians, oh my goodness, what will this world be man??!!
so, the bottom line is, we must stand against antinomianism!!!
ok, enough said on this topic. will update again when i finished listening to the last part of the seminar.
next on will be the releasing of my O levels' results. coming friday, i heard. whoo..!!! im filled with a mixture of nervousness and excitement. seriously, i can't wait for fri. (took a deep breath, grins nervously)
will be working till end of march.sometimes i just dread going to work. cos of my working environment,the people there. oh well, will tell u more when im in the mood. gotta end here! tata..! =)

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Grandma passed away

last thursday my grandmother passed away. i went through life's pain and sorrow of letting go.
at the funeral, i got closer with my cousins, especially my cousins from malaysia. it's been a long time since i saw them. i missed them now. im tired. though we're all sad and deppressed, life still goes on. the world will not stop because you're mourning. the world is realistic.