Wednesday, December 28, 2005

cant believe im missing my darling...he's just gone for like 14 hrs only..n im missing him tt much.. *sob sob*
what shld i do if he's out to sea next year...? ='(

did nothing much today. supposed to go to the doctor but dint go in the end. slept through most of the day..was so bored..sigh...sianz...
guess i seriously have nothing much to blog abt..uneventful day..i betta get lost b4 i start grumbling again..hahaha..!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

all of us in BIG family...

haha..still acting aft e musical ended..

oh manz..i'll miss this musical tt we all put together.. "Coming Home", i'll miss you..
we had so much fun rehearsing, practising, putting on make up, doing up our hair..hahaha..!
i'm glad there were 10 rededication of lives and 11 salvations on tt both days of musical. i hope the musical would never end..i just got to know them..the youths..the people involve in the musical..n of cos my counterpart--devil James!! hahaha!!
i LOVE "Coming Home" !!!!!!!

i received a lot of prezzies and cards from my brothers and sisters...haha..esp Jon, thanks a gaZillionz for the pair of wings..will treasure it..hahaha..! [a pair of wings for memories] so sweet ritez..hahaha!

Guys and Gurls! Have a Blessed Christmas! Jesus, i love You!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

yesterday was piang-ing my lyrics analysis essay totally my own opinions..LoL!
now chiong-ing my writt comm essay. it's like so darn difficult!!! i mean even with my outline and consultation done. oh manz..i don want to disappoint Patrick Wong aka "pat wong". Pat wong is the best lecturer manz..! like duh! so many ppl will agree with me la. haha! Pat wong! Yeah!
felt so much betta after knowing the truth and telling out my truth. it's like being released, set free. -takes a deep breath-! so happy now! haha!
okay, muz continue to chiong my writ comm essay le.

-nodz- we must pray about it yea..?

Monday, December 05, 2005

my baptism

all of us baptised on 3 dec 2005.we share e same bday! Lol!
i'm baptised on 3 dec 2005!
on the confession of my faith, the presence of our Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, i'm baptised!!!
wooHoo!! i'm so happy manz! totally jubilant!
my baptism verse is John 10:9
i LOVE it!!

jus now i had consultation with my lecturer.
hmmm, now then i realised he's a teacher.
i mean, i didn't know he notices his students strong and weak points until today.
well, we had a good talk. and i have to thank him cos he surely did brighten up my day.
thanks a gaZillionz, jun wei lao shi!

God, gimme strength to press on in my studies as well as my school activities. thank you Lord Jesus. i love You! Amen!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

my baptism!

today i'm gonna be baptised!! wooHoo!!!
later at 3pm, i'm going to baptism sevice. it's gonna be the death and burial of my old self and the resurrection of new life in Christ Jesus!
heehee...i'm so happy!!
O well, nowadays i'm busy but everythg is going on fine. God helped me, He gave me strength. now, i'm supposed to do a lot of planning and organising of activities, quite a few major projects in hands (plus the load of my hmwk), i hope to do it according to God's will and not mine. i pray for God's time and strength, not mine.
after baptism, i'm going for christmas rehearsals. rehearsals will be until 9pm. maybe tiring but definitely fun. cos the Joy of God is in us!
yep, gonna prepare for my baptism now!