Monday, November 25, 2013

Networking DOES work!

I met Vintee for lunch last Thursday.
Well, as usual, we're chatting about people visiting and family pressure on getting us to work.
Then she mentioned that Berlitz(a famous language school) was looking for teachers and she went for interview. But the working hours were not in her favor and she wasn't really interested in teaching, so she declined the job offer.
She suggested me to email Berlitz my CV and see how things work.
Well, I did. And I got a reply almost immediately. So I was scheduled for a job interview the next day.
Well, the interview was a tad stressful though. But it all went well and I got the job!
I GOT IT! O well, it doesn't pay very well but it is ok, I don't mind much.
So, I just wanna say a HUGE thank you to Vintee for helping me out and seriously, networking DOES work!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Helios Dance

I had my hair dyed and highlighted yesterday.

I've always wanted to do this but because of the restrictions of my job in Singapore, I wasn't able to.
But now in Bangkok, I'm free to do what I want. Well, you can say this is my sign of rebellion after being restrained for so long.
I like this hair colour, it's like the Sun dance in my hair, vibrant and funky.

I present the Helios Dance in my hair.
Vibrancy of Life

I promise I will post the photos of the dinner at Maverick, just, not now.
I'm pretty tired of typing now, I've been typing these few weeks.
Well because I'm currently writing an online novel called The Deal. Yes, it's romance and love novel. Typical girl, yeah I know. But this is the kind of story we girls love!
Ok, just go take a look and read. I'm in the process of writing the story. Basically, each post feature one chapter of the story. So, just keep a lookout for it yeah.

Check it out at:

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It's 5 years since...

Yups, it's been 5 years since I had my first job interview.
I've stayed in my workplace for 5 years that I've never had another interview. This time I'm still in the education industry, but at another place.
I pray that all goes well and I'll be able to get the job. Yes, I pinned high hopes on this job.
But everything goes according to God's will because He knows what's best for me.
Look at my outfit for the job interview!

Monday, October 14, 2013

'First Lady'. Duty calls...

Yes, you read right.
First Lady's duty.

Yesterday one of Beee's supplier invited us for dinner at Baan Nam Kieng Din. It was surprising for us because, one: suppliers normally invite executive chef to dinner. My Beee ain't executive chef, yet. Two: even if supplier wants to invite chefs to dinner, it'll be all chefs, not just my Beee.

Anyway, I was invited too.
I thought men talk business, women stay out of it?
But o well, I was invited and at first I was kinda bored by the idea of having to put on a smile even on a Sunday, my Beee's day off. I thought it was a time of rest and dating for us, just the two of us.
However, as I've mentioned in my previous posts, I'm a 贤内助 and since the very envious executive chef of Beee says that I'm a suitable candidate for First Lady, then I'll show them that I am in fact truly able to fulfill that position.
Therefore, I agreed to the dinner invitation(not as if I have any choice since Beee won't attend dinner without me).

Baan Nam Kieng Din is a very beautiful place. A very relaxing ambience, with mini pastures, mini windmills, outdoor dining and animals. The only down side is that there's plenty of mozzies there. I think I fed them well, my legs have evidence of them enjoying their meal.

Food at Baan Nam Kieng Din was really good, but as usual, the men ordered too much. So I entered food coma after a while.
I took some pictures, take a look!

So, from now on, I think it's gonna be First Lady, duty calls~

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fabulous Friday & Smashing Saturday

Today was truly well-spent.

First it was tarot reading with this honest-looking uncle. 
Well, the reading was the same as the tarot reading I had in Singapore. 
Basically the reading says my life is a good one. I crave for progress and I'll go from one place to another. Every time I move, it will be better than the previous one. And I do not need to worry about my finances. However, always remember to be humble and contented, do not be greedy. After this period of rest, when I work again, it will be tough for me as I'll have more responsibilities. Quoting his words "When the baby comes along, you'll be very tired. You need to work and take care of baby but the rewards are high." So, he meant, I'll have kids. He says baby will come next mid-year, so let's see if it comes true. I'm quite skeptical though. 

Then next, its about Beee's work. He says that Beee works hard and focus on his work that he forgets about things and people around him yet he will be highly appreciated by his boss. Others will admire/envy him, so I guess he meant that there will be some green-eye monsters in his workplace. He also mentioned that Beee will be highly sought after by other companies. Basically, Beee's career will be quite sucessful. Well, I hope that's true.
Well, that's all I asked today, about our careers and starting a family.

After the tarot reading, I met up with Elina, Evelyn and Stefania.
It was great meeting up with Le Wives. We always have so much to chat about.
O and we watched a movie together, a show about time travelling and how it affects one's life and the lives of the people around him. Movie title is 'About Time'. Great movie. Didn't expected it to be that good.

Yesterday's TGIF dinner at the Maverick was totally fabulous. Everyone had fun and they enjoyed the food and company. I got to meet quite a few newcomers and the editors of Expat Ladies Magazine. Also, I got to know a rich man who bought over a huge property company. He's a Singaporean. So, I'm definitely happy to meet someone from my hometown. 

Beee's colleagues commented that I'm suitable to be the First Lady, organizing activities and socializing. But I truly like organizing events, socializing and networking with people. You never know when you need their favours. Getting to know more people and bringing them together is a fun thing to do. And if everyone enjoys the event, I feel proud and satisfied. 

Maybe I should consider going into the field of public relations and events planning. I'm sure I'll love it.
But o well, just hold that thought first, nothing concrete.

I'm going for job interview next tuesday. All the best to me and may God bless me with this job. (with good pay and welfare, please!)

Time to go iron my clothes. Time to be the good housewife again. Bleah.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Force Of The Universe

We made love today, in the afternoon.

It was special and unusual. 
It made my abdomen and womb churned, made my toes curled.
I felt waves and waves of excitement in my body and soul. It was like a burst of energy and force that exploded in me. 
I clung onto him, physically and mentally, it was a phenomenal experience for me.

I wonder why.
And did he feel the same way too?

Friday, October 04, 2013


I found another great place to work on my writing.
A cafe with a library beside it, condusive for writing my book and blog.
It's called 2B Bake & Brew Cafe.
Food could be better but the wifi speed is good, so heck the food and cheers to the wifi.
It's a great place if you need to work online or just need some quietness to read and think.
Well, for me, it's both.
Why am I here at 2B Bake & Brew Cafe today is beacuse I'm meeting Pallavi to discuss about our Expats' Wives Club Facebook page. Hosting the club on Meetup costs a bit, so I'm hoping we can use facebook to help us.
2B Bake & Brew Cafe

The library beside the cafe
Ok, time to return to my latest read: The Timekeeper by Mitch Albom.
Till next time.

Work and Socialize

I'm starting to get kinda bored and worried at the same time.

Bored, because although I have made quite a number of friends here, but still, I don't like to go out and socialize all day. 
Worried, because I wanna work and earn my own keep. I feel sort of 'crippled' without working.

So, I've arranged a job interview. It's for a teaching position in this girls boarding school.
Well, teaching Chinese and English. Hopefully, I don't have to work long hours, I just wanna work for a few hours and be a lady of leisure for the rest of the day. 
That's the ideal for me. But then again, being a teacher is a 24/7 job, isn't it? 
Well, at least in Singapore, that's the case. I'm not sure about Bangkok though. 
Hopefully, it's different from Singapore.

I am still actively socializing with the people here. I cannot help but stressed again that 'networking' is extremely important here.

I've arranged a dinner at Maverick for my Expats' Wives Club. Some editors and events director of the Expat Ladies Magazine are coming over to join us. So, I'm gonna maximize my skills as a social butterfly again. Up-ing my social value, it's the socialite way.

Starting a Facebook page for my Expats' Wives Club as well. Engaging the help of Pallavi, one of my club members. She's very kind to offer to help us. ;)

Tomorrow will be a day of laundry and ironing of clothes. Oh yes, and coffee with Pallavi.
Can't wait~

Saturday, September 28, 2013





Friday, September 13, 2013

Dreaming. (in Bangkok)

Third day of being sick in Bangkok. Feeling lousy now, down with a cold and slight fever.

After 2 months of settling down in Bangkok, I guess I've accomplished quite a bit.
I set up a club for expat ladies and organized quite a number of activities.

In these two months, I realized I did not plan for a life away from teaching.
My whole working life is teaching, teaching and more teaching.
This period of time, many business ideas popped into my mind and I did plenty of research and preparation, however, I lacked the courage to step up and do it.
It's not easy for me.

Now, the dream that I always hold, should I make it come true?
Am I able to make it come true?
Publish my works, how should I go about doing it?
Am I wishing for the impossible? To let my words be read and understood, this dream seems so near yet so far.

Ri asked me if I am ready for this.
She told me that if my works are all done and organized, then go for it.
I know, it's not completely ready.
I want to include more, this project ain't perfect yet.
But I wished someone can read my work and tell me if they're good enough for the readers out there.
Someone, where are you?

Thursday, September 12, 2013


我的好姐妹们说我千万不能逃婚,我只是得了婚前恐惧症。或许吧,但是我总觉得我是不想放弃那个能够拥有选择的自己。我不是说婚后就没得选择了,而是因为婚后不是一个人的人生了。无法在拥有“自己选”的自由,所以我害怕。 婚后,大大小小的事情都要讨论才能决定,因为多了一样东西叫做“负责任”。
“负责任”是一个巨大的灯泡。它是前提,是先决条件。它总是把前面的路照明,让你无法不去正视每条路的坑和风景,每个选择的利与弊。 负责任。不就是要面对每个决定的后果么?我常常告诉我的学生:做每个决定之前要三思,想一想你是否能负起责任。就是因为我的这个原则,我犹豫、迟疑。而左思右想后,还是非常懦弱地步入婚姻的道路。

Publish...aye or nay?

I want to publish my book of poetry.
I want people to read and exclaimed, "She knows! She knows what life is, what I'm going through!"
I want my poetry to speak to my readers, pierce through them and give them that revelation that they need.


Do you think I have the ability to do that?
I wrote and am still writing.
I have the works but I don't have the courage to step out and publish them.

I do not deny that I am satisfied proud of my work. I love what I wrote.
But I am not sure if the readers out there will love it.


Publish...aye or nay?