Friday, February 29, 2008

cough away, please

My cough ain't any better. So, I took a day off to see the doctor. 7 hours later, you'll see me at the polyclinic. This damn cough has been with me for almost a week, hope I could get rid of it soon.

A few hours earlier, I was in my Secondary 1 english class. Those two imps are really tired just now. I guess it's the long hours in school and the extra english class in the night that really took a toll on them. But I love this class, though there's only two students, they are uber cute. I mean, teenagers are fun, especially at 13 years old. So greenhorn and yet they want to be cool and act emo. Angela is a nice girl, but she's super slow at catching my point, and her voice gives me shingles. Hahaha, but she's always so interested in my experiences. Jacky is one emo-freak, he likes to think that everything on this earth has got nothing to do with him, and everything is like, none of his business. It's as if he's living in his own bubble, but after some talking and sharing with him, he's slowly opening up to me, and he learns how to smile and laugh!!! So happy that I've made an impact.

In 12 more hours, I will be joining my friends for a movie date: The Leap Years.
Wait for my review, my darlings!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Leaving for the future

Down with some crazy cough these few days, busy with work and many appointments.

This afternoon was really great because 'Nic and I met up with LTK, and we had a nice cosy high tea at Cafe Melvados. Well, LTK is leaving for Australia this coming Sunday. So, we gotta meet him before he leaves. We chatted quite a bit and found out he's going over to Australia to finish his phD in translation, probably he'll work there for a couple of years. Oh yeah, we bought him a present from L'Occitane, and I guess he like it a lot. Hahaha.

I guess I love meeting up with teachers and lecturers for a meal or high tea, or maybe even drinks. It's just so......nostalgic. So......warm and nice.

I'm quite worried for myself though, I can't seem to REALLY gel with people around me. I mean, I never had this kinda problem before. I used to be very inter-relational, like a social butterfly. Yet now, I realised I'm becoming more of a intra-relational person. I think much more, having a lot of personal thoughts to myself, talking less, watching more and thinking even more. I don't know, I mean, this could be good, right? I mean, I'm not closing myself, just toning down, I guess.

Shouldn't be too bad for me.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Noisy CNY, Quiet V day

O well, these Chinese New Year photos are way overdue. We went to my second aunt's and fourth aunt's house on 初四.
Look at us cousins! Imitating the rodents! Hah!
My cousins from Malaysia. Miss them so much!
The wacky cousins again! At my fourth aunt's house.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, one of the rare years where I celebrated Valentine's Day without a valentine. Hahaha! But I'm so satisfied to be working and earning, it made me feel like I'm a working adult, like a career woman. Hahaha!

Alrighty, time to go for oikos in church, pastor Tay is holding a buffet in church! Wootz!~

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Relationship vs Reality

Sometimes I very much desire a firm, strong piggyback when I fall or when I am tired. Or probably just a simple, lovely chat at a coffee house, or perhaps, each of us holding a classic in our hands, engrossed in the content of it. Or even better, a person who would love to enjoy foreign films with me at The Picturehouse and musicals, like, Beauty World.

But when I see the hiccups in the relationships my friends are facing, it just pulls me back to reality. Relationships are not easy to handle. It bogs one down when you got to face work, family, friends and your partner, ALL at the same time. Then, when both of you face problems, both will expect understanding from the other, and you will get exhausted with expecting but not getting your expectations met, giving in but not getting anything in return.

How sad......

Probably I need some time to psycho myself to accept a new relationship, or probably I just need someone special to touch this heart of mine.


A picture is worth a thousand words.
See my wacky friends and family? Totally FABULOUS!!!