Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Crisis. No?

I hardly set a question as my post title, but today I did.
The reason being I am in a stage where I am feeling a little lost and I am searching for answers.
Honeymoon period is over, here comes the crisis.
I know I may be a very over-curious and think-too-much girl.
But, that is me.
I think a lot, and when I am serious about something, I think even more.
I guess I've come to a state where I don't know what is what.
Sometimes I don't know whether you mean what you say, sometimes I cannot really figure you out.
You can read me so easily yet I cannot do the same to you, I felt weak and I start to fear.
I told myself to be logical, to be calm and not overly sensitive, yet at times, emotions took hold of me.
I am still searching and I am really trying, to be the girlfriend, the right one.
Pardon me if sometimes what I say caused pressure, 'cause that's not the way I want it to be.
Did I do the wrong thing by publishing this post?
I hope not.