Friday, November 30, 2007

uber tired

O goodness!
I'm uber exhausted right now, my eyelids are practically drooping, can't really see the laptop monitor. That's how sleepy I am. Wrong. It's not just sleepy, but also drowsy and my whole body aching. These are what I get from a day's work. Especially when I have a class of Primary 2 students in the morning and a class of Primary 6 students in the evening, followed by 3 hours of dancing and singing for the musical rehearsals.
However, somehow or rather, I am kinda satisfied and fufilled. I guess I made full use of my day and I did things I like. Dancing, singing and acting were three things I love, so musical rehearsals are not much of a drag for me. Ha! I thought teaching will be a tough road for me but I guess I'm starting to like it after all. I mean, the kids are cute and it is fun to see the different kids from different background, how they are brought up and how they behave.
I am exhausted but super fufilled. I think the next thing on my list will be french lessons at Alliance Francaise. Cool!
I needa sleep soon, the laptop screen is becoming smaller......

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

smell sOoh LoveLay

Do you know I fell so deeply in love with this Anna Sui Dolly Girl Ooh La Love perfume?
Anna Sui Dolly Girl Ooh La Love is a beautiful sparkling creation that has the feminine essence of this wonderful mixture of a little fruit, spice, green leaves, soft blossoms and amber! I went out shopping with my boyfriends, I mean, guy friends, and they ALL love this fragrance. So, gurls, grab this quick! I'm sure your boys will love it on you! Bet they won't stop sniffin' you! Ha!
Update later! I'm going for lunch now!

Monday, November 26, 2007

My friends and my december

I finally found a job!I will be teaching chinese in a learning centre.O well, and maybe teaching english too.Good for me, because I'll be earning my own keep.This month of december will be super busy for me, I'll be working and going for musical rehearsals almost everyday.
I miss 'Nic, he's all the way at China.Hope he's doing well.Hey brother remember we do care yeah!JiaYou babe!Hope to see you soon!
I've got a lovely bunch of friends, I couldn't thank them enough.Though sometimes, we do get frustrated with each other, but still we love each other!
Whee!~ =)
*Just before 'Nic left for China, we're at the Starbucks in Airport.
*This was a candid shot at One Fullerton, all of us were playing a fool.*A sorta formal take, but still, we can't help grinning widely.*Okie, another one. Come, come, let's bai-pose!*Cutie Alan and me outside NewUrbanMale at The Heeren. How sweet is that boy!!!*So ol' school! We sibz and Lou goes way back like, 7 years ago. 7 years of friendship, can you imagine that?!*Confessions of the official packet-tissue man to the teenage char-kway-teow queen. Lols!*Jo, Me, Lou, Art and Zac. We're with our parents at Village, celebrating Zac's and my dad's birthday.*How cute!!!!!!*It's gurl power manz!*We're a weird pair. Been through a lot huh......*See lah, don't even know why he want to check the teenage queen's bag lor. What d'ya reckon I'll bring? Drugs? Lols.*Look, my friends and my parents can get along well ok. So fun lah!I'm very satisfied with my life now. I just want to work, have fun and be radically obedient to God!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Fun with me friends

Met up with Marianne dearie on Tuesday night.
S'been sucha long time gurl.
We had loads of food, heart to heart chats, more food and more chats.
We simply love to hop from one place to another for food and ambience.
Remeniscence, comparison and planning.
All in our chats chats chats.
Then, yesterday was a total fun baking session for me lah, we did my debut at Jo's house.
My first ever serious baking session.
It's serious but fun at the same time.
My bread and butter pudding turned out super delicious can......
Love it manz.
A pity I don't have an oven at home, if not I'll bake it for you people!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

This soul thou viewest in me
That maketh me doth the tillage of heart
What soul is this wraps itself in mystery
That maketh me pitched in full guard
And pierces with the sword of sensitivity
Yet fills me hearty with the sea of quietness
With contant callings of percieving
O, and I listen with much loveliness
The world speaketh worriment unto me soul
However dreamily mine eyes speak
Twas this stillness in me soul that reach in cold
No wool of any lamb could do
Giveth warmth to this soul on this world move

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The final show-down

Yesterday I sat for one of the major examinations.
It was Chinese Grammer.
As all of you know from my previous posts, I don't really fancy Chinese Grammer.
So, well, I didn't really stressed myself over my Chinese Grammer.
I mean, I just read up on what I thought was important and I told myself to just do my best.
So, I told God: Jesus You know ah, I really don't like Chinese Grammer. But I seriously don't want to fail that module lah. 'Cos I don't want to say Sayonara and pay 80 grand for failing. So God, You know only You can help me now, I don't know who else to turn to.
Well, yesterday wasn't too much of a battle. 'Cos thankfully, the paper wasn't that difficult as I imagine. So, Hallelujah! Love You Jesus! *muackz*
Tomorrow is another major paper on Etymology.
Now still in the process of revising.
Just do my best, God help me!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

finally! assignments finished!

Can't believe it yeah? I'm still here at this hour.
I just finished my last assignment.
You know I tried to sleep just now, but the assignment was weighing heavily in my mind that I couldn't go to lalaland.
So I sit up straight and start doing my assignment.
Once I start, I can't stop!
And now, finally I finished my assignment, I'm too excited to sleep.
Tomorrow I still got to go print my Chinese Grammer notes.
Got to study for my major examinations, due on 12 and 14 nov.
And more sighs.

Monday, November 05, 2007

may the wind bring you my love

Nowadays I'm so busy with school and church musical rehearsals.
One more assignment to finish and two more major examinations to go through.
Life's not easy, but God is good to me.
Yesterday's speaker in church was Rev. Glenda Watson.
She talked about letting go and restoration.
I was deeply touched by her message.
Sort of what I needed and what I've been through.
Letting go and the restoration of the soul is something everyone need to do, I guess.
Can't wait for this friday, 'cos it's my turn to do WordEd.
I've got loads to share.

My friends out there: Marianne gurlie, Lou, Zac, Jo and the whole JD gang and many others,
I'm sorry if I can't meet you guys yeah.
'Cos these two weeks will be the busiest for me, after 16 nov, I'll try to meet up yeah.
Also, Nic, I miss you so much. Do take care of yourself in China.
Love you guys so much.
May the wind bring you my love.

Friday, November 02, 2007

dont think you angmohs can bully us hor

You people saw the news on three UK guys bullying the elderly man riding trishaw?
These three beefy UK guys sat on a trishaw, the trishaw man was an elderly.
He had a difficult time riding a trishaw with three guys on it, yet the UK guys made fun of him!!!
I was feeling so damn indignant for the old man.
Tears of fury nearly spilled out of my eyes, this surge of fire just shoot straight up to my face.
Felt like clenching my fist and rain punches on the UK guys.
Best thing, get sumo wrestlers to tau-pok them.
To the three UK guys who bullied the old trishaw man:
you guys should be ashamed of yourselves!
Brought shame to your countries and families.
God will punished you guys. Hmph!
I think they should be forced to ride a day's trishaw and give the money that they've earned to the old man.
And all of us, should go tekan them.
Plus, they should make a public apology to the old man, IN CHINESE!!!
And in english, of course.
If we can, we should pelt them with rotten eggs and hang a humongous tag on their neck saying:
We're sorry for bullying the old and weak.
Roar!!! So freaking angry lah!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

buck up gurl

From my knowledge, I reckon I collapsed under the exhaustion of work.
Last week was a terribly busy week for me.
Many assignments to finish, working till late nights and all......
Well, though my dark eye circles did not disappear in these three days of rest,
but I definitely felt much better after this long break.
It's time I buck up and do something about my remaining assignments.
And, not to mention exams too.

Hmmm......after exams I'm going to take up Bollywood dancing lessons.
And I'm going to buy Punjabi clothes and get someone to do some henna designs on me.
I'm so sure I'm an Indian disguise as a Chinese you know.