Friday, March 31, 2006

love languages

The Five Love

My primary love language is probably
Words of Affirmation
with a secondary love language being
Receiving Gifts.

Complete set of

Words of Affirmation: 12
Receiving Gifts: 9
Physical Touch: 4
Acts of Service: 3
Quality Time: 2


Unhappiness in relationships, according to Dr. Gary Chapman, is often due to the fact that we speak different love languages. Sometimes we don't understand our partner's requirements, or even our own. We all have a "love tank" that needs to be filled in order for us to express love to others, but there are different means by which our tank can be filled, and there are different ways that we can express love to others.

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

my brother came home from bangkok last night.
he totally went on a shopping spree manz!
he bought a lot of things, A LOT!!!!
and he bought 2 t-shirts and a dress and a flora handbag for me!!!!
yay-ness!!! Thankew brother! =)

about "saying what's honest" issue..
people just want to hear what is pleasing aint it so???
what if i am honest?
can relationships between people still be as smooth as they were?
i dont know you know...

nowadays im so emotionless(as in the soul not the shell),esp during car and bus rides or on the train.
im so free that im doing a lot of reading and thinking.
issues that never occur to me before now sprout in my mind
it keeps my mind working but i dont know what is it going to do to my heart.
is something wrong with me? its as if im so....WEIRD.

and im getting fat. i hate that.
i hate long holidays and no work and no school.
cos i eat and rot at home and get fat like nobody's business.
i hope school starts soon, stress and work and workshops this way comes,
and i'll slim down.
and i want to start some dance and exercise in order to slim down.
by end of my 2nd year in poly, i must REALLY slim down
so that when i go to China,Zhejiang in my 3rd year i can fit in the cheongsam there.
heehee!!! good good...muahahahaha!!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

im did some thinking.
im starting to wonder who i really am.
i mean, yar, i know im amanda, a child of God etc etc.
but who really am i inside??
there's so much aspects of a person, which one is the real me?
i appear different to different people under different circumstances,
does it mean that i'm faking?? or hypocritical?
i really dont know u know.
i want to write something real, whether good or bad, hate or love.
i just want my writing to be real, to be me.
will i be able to do that?
and at the same time be what others want me to be?
and also be what Father wants me to be?
it's messy.
ignore my ranting.
i'll continue to meditate.
yeah yeah i know i owe my readers a post on the explanation of my visions.
well, go read proverbs 28:1.
the righteous shall be as bold as the lion.
i told you guys i faced persecutions from my loved ones right...?
but still i made a stand for Jesus.
making a stand for Jesus and going against the ways of the world will land me in a war with the devil.
i need boldness and courage to fight this war.
as for the arch, sweetie says in ancient Rome, rulers will give permission to the army who won a battle to build an arch as a symbol of victory.
well, it may be saying ultimate victory we'll get after battling with the devil.
pastor mark says he honestly have no idea how to interpret, but it could also be the glorious presence of our Holy God.
as for the wings...i guess its telling me not to be afraid, for the Holy Spirit will gimme peace.
i think im very into writing nowadays.
writing out my feelings is like so much better. i mean, as u read, it feels real.
cos i guess sometimes we numb our hearts so much that we cant really feel.
so writing makes things real.
gotta go for dinner now.
till later then!
okie i know i shouldnt be here at this hour blogging.
but, i just cant sleep after drinking that cup of hot lemon tea.
maybe i should tell u guys about the visions i saw on sunday, during service.
during worship, i saw this arch exuding a lot of light.
the arch was surrounded by a lot alot of clouds and mist.
the feeling was so magnificent, grand and glorious.
so wow-ed!!
then i begin to doubt myself, i dont know whether its my imagination or is it really God trying to tell me something cos at that time i havent figure out the visons i saw.
during the word released i opened my eyes and i saw a pair of wings flying super fast across our screen where the words"Jesus Is Lord" is.
the feeling was at rest and peaceful.
after service, i went to pastor mark and told him about these and my lion vision.
then he sort of enlightened me.
hehe...want to know....?
tell u later in the morning.
im tired now, want to sleep.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

u know i think im gettin' a bit firritated by my meditation in my cave.
okay, not a bit, but A LOT!!!!
im like voraciously reading, writing, dancing and blogging.
other than that, im like rotting at home.
a poor gurl being adopted by an influential politician.
then earning fame and loads of $$ being a political courtesan.
exemplifying her dazzling personality, striking up witty and philosophical conversation with political leaders of many countries, bringing wealth and peace to her country.
we'll see how a mild twist of her waist, aggressive walk and a batt of eyelashes cause men of all ages to trip and mesmerized.
behind the mask of this influential figure(queen and leader of fashion and personality), how does she handle her own family, friends and her scandal-filled life?

this is my rough idea for my bubbling story...its in the cauldron bubbling..*broop broop broop*
will continue to develop ideas and details..
im excited im embarking on a glittering journey of lavish and darkness.

okay, gotta go shower, will be back later.
okay back from showers.
did some thinking in the showers.
(my momma must be surprised it was so quiet, cos most of the time i'll be singing praise n worship songs..heehee..)
i got some details for the intro part of my story..
will be writing soon.
cool, im a genius!
lols! ;)
just came back from the airport.
sent my brother to the airport, he's gone with his friends to bangkok.
though my parents object to his decision of going, he still went.
he's kinda stubborn when it comes to hanging onto his freedom.
like brother,like sister.
though i am worried for his safety,over there at bangkok,
i thought it was pretty exciting to go there, especially with the political situation there now.
i mean, in the midst of the chaos and all.
he'll get to see what we cant see in Singapore. real life and up close.
raw and tribal.
but i will pray for his safety, God will send His angels to guard my brother and his friends.
God will protect him.
embrace it, believe it.

yesterday we had combined oikos in church.
the speaker was Dr Andrew Goh.
during worship, i had a vision.
an image of a lion's head appear and disappear, appear and disappear.
it was looking at me.
i felt boldness and excitement.
i felt like im going to fight a war, adrenaline rush.
but i dont know how to interpret the vision.
well, lion could be good or bad rite..? it God telling me to be self controlled and alert cos the devil is prowling like a devouring lion..?
or is it the Lion of Judah telling me to be bold cos we're fighting a spiritual war...?
or is it smthg else..?
i really have no idea, ya know...

ahh...will ask pastor tomorrow.

Friday, March 24, 2006

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

what can i say..!?
salsa lessons are getting more and more fun!
i'm learning more steps and dancing more!
today's lesson was great!
though i crossed my legs once in a while, but dancing with guys who knows the steps are cool.
i mean, guys who lead you on the dance floor.
they are all average looking, but their ability to dance is their charm.
Oh my oh my!! Lols.. ;)
can't stop grinning after salsa lessons.
cause it was really fun, and the guys are leading and decisive.
in salsa, the guys lead the gurls.
so for once in a while, it's refreshing to be led.
lols ;)
conclusion: guys who can dance are charming, charismatic. i like..! ;p
my feet hurt but i think its worth it.

nah..don get me wrong. i just find those guys charming.
but definitely not as boyfriends.
cos im hungry for God now, not boys.
i used to be boy-crazy, even man-mad.
but now, im God-hungry.
and i will ever be. >_<" v

love y'all! =)

Monday, March 20, 2006

colour quiz

colour quiz
score: Red-28, Yellow-27, Green-2, Blue-1
profile: Directing-Socializer [the enthusiast]
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Directing - Socializers love being spokesperson or presenter of new ideas, grand initiatives, and noteworthy projects that spur people emotionally appealing to their hopes, dreams, and fascinations.

Your tendencies probably include:
* Seeking and enjoying status symbols
* Admiring people who express themselves well
* Disliking routines, slow pace and needless details
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* Exuding a positive, enthusiastic, outlook on life
* Being persuasive and inspirational
* Trusting people and giving them a lot of latitude

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* Make use of daily planners, calendars, checklists and other proven practical tools of becoming better organized i.e. Four Point Plan Drill and START Observation Card.
* Be more cautious about moving too quickly or over promising before jumping into relationships.
* Develop the serious, non-entertaining side of you personality by studying how to improve your skills in analytical listening, conflict resolution, and decision making.

try this! its fun!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Living Life To The Full

The more u give
the more u get
the more u laugh
the less u fret

the more u do unselfishly
the more u live abundantly

the more u love
the more u'll find
that life is good
and friends are kind

for only what we give away
enriches us from day to day

Come on 24 march, 8pm @ Bethesda Cathedral[Joseph Hall]
Dr Andrew Goh is going to speak on how to live our lives to the fullest!
come and be blessed!

The Lord who walked with me in my yesterdays
will walk with me through today and all my tomorrows!
ok, i just finish doing QT.
so, well, decided to blog some stuff.
i guess now God is putting me through this period of "set apart" and purifications.
cos im facing a lot of temptations but im trying my very best along with God's help to resist.
also, im facing some persecutions and doubts from my close ones.

my family and i went for supper just now at Jalan Kayu.
i didnt know how but the topic that sprout out was about pastors being rich.
well, my family said pastors should not indulge in luxuries.
i do agree, but what then do you count as indulgence in luxuries?
also, through this heated argument i discovered that some of my momma's thinking is kinda wrong.
my brother commented if pastors are seen being rich or indulging, congregation will say that pastors are being materialistic.
i dont know, u know.
i mean, why cant pastors be rich? just as long as they dont indulge in luxuries.
and when their material things are being taken away(like Job in the bible),they should not feel unfair or curse God. i think its ok that pastors are rich.

well, this discussion also led us to another topic of how i feel about my family not going to church and their attitude toward God.
i mean, they are neither hot nor cold.
they say they are christians, but did they communicate with God?
my momma says she does pray to God when she need something, not only on $$ terms but also for strength.
i told her you dont talk to God only when u need something from Him, but also thank Him and praise Him and tell Him u love Him cos we have all the reasons to do so!!!!!
i told them(my family), being a christian is having a relationship with God. we talk to Him and listen to Him. be still and hear His voice.
i told them we can hear Him through the bible,through a sermon,through a prophecy etc.
i ask them are they reading the bible? they kept quiet.
reading His word!!! it's the basics! how do we know His heartbeat if we dont read His word and communicate with Him?!
mayhap i was a little too emotional when i confronted them, but i was glad i did.
cos i finally got it off my chest.
and i also told them about speaking in tongues. really happy i said something about my relationship with God.
especially to my loved ones.
i want them to understand, to know how much i love Him.
cos Jesus gave me life.
its always the toughest when your loved ones raise doubts and persecutions.
i'll continue to be a witness for Him and show the world that He loves them too.
bring the Good News to the world.

i love Him.
Cos He loves me too, even more.
And forever.

Monday, March 13, 2006

ha! lovely sunny afternoon.
Now taking a break from work.
been working my butt off, typing my momma's reports.
kinda exhausted now, mayhap i'll take a nap later.

i realised im so not into B.G.R nowadays.
i mean, im like so immune to guys now that i dont even give them an extra glance.
and i dont wish to have a bloody relationship with any bloody guy either.
i just had this new realisation that im taking God even more seriously now.
i mean, im like holding on to Him as if He's the air i breathe.
like...uh..He's the only person who can gimme life.
i want Him more than any other thing.
weird huh..? i dont get it either.
i mean, i dont know why i became like that. it's so sudden, but then again, it's not a bad thing either, yeah..? yeah..*nodz*

life is good.
my life is great. funtastic!
which means-fun AND fantastic.
though sometimes i get into trouble, people hurt me, me hurt people, or sometimes i get grumpy and rant like a mad woman, Jesus is always there to hold me and gimme hope and love.
He taught me to look at life from the bright side of life.
He gave me my dearest family members who loves me as their precious(tho' sometimes they could be kinda protective).
He gave me my gang of friends who brought me fun and craze!
He gave me my family in Christ who brought me joy, delight and laughter,and prayed for me in times of trouble.
He gave me a house to live in, financial assistance, peace and joy in my heart, blessings, even trials and testings to mould my character.
Most importantly, He gave me breath and strength to enjoy all these.

how could i continue to complain and grumble when life is filled with all these He had given?!
how could i not praise and worship Him when i have all the reasons to do so?!

The Potter's Hand
Beautiful Lord wonderful Saviour
i know for sure, all of my days are held in Your hand
crafted into Your perfect plan
You gently called me into Your presence
guiding me by Your Holy Spirt
teach me dear Lord
to live all of my life
through Your eyes
i'm captured by Your Holy calling
set me apart
i know You're drawing me to Yourself
lead me Lord i pray
take me
mould me
use me
fill me
i give my life to the Potter's hand
call me
guide me
lead me
walk beside me
i give my life to the Potter's hand.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

sure wonder where i've lost myself in these few days right..?
everyone misses me huh?
hahaha! just kiddin' la.
wednesday Prayer and Praise was great!
God talked to me, God was there with me.
His presence was so overwhelming and woosh!
i cried cos His presence was so strong in my heart.
on thursday, i went for salsa lessons. told you guys i want to upgrade myself yea
n yep, i did it! i went for salsa lesson number 1.
i love it!
i mean, i love learning something new!
guess i might be taking up yoga soon.
see how things go along.
today i was out with gurlie darling.
she had some problems with Mr.C, uh huh..
but i was there to talk to her.
so eventually, she sees things in a different perspective.
my impact is huge eh! hahaha! =)
love ya darl, and i definitely had fun today! hee!'s so good.
God is so good to me.
He never leaves me.
and im so glad He was there to hold my hand though i was down,
and almost in trouble! oops! -stick out tongue-
yea..well...i love Him, really.

nowadays got so many wants...let's take a look at my wish list.
(though i don expect u to buy them for me*hint hint* but i just want to organise my thoughts, you know...)
  • a daily devoution book
  • a pair of strapped high-heels
  • salsa music CD
  • nachos with cheese & mustard sauce[okie,this is a craving]
hmmMMmm...that's all for now i guess. if there's anything else, i'll update u guys!
hahaha! ;)

Monday, March 06, 2006

hols are officially here!
like duh!
don feel like working this hols.
just want to do something i like
things that i wouldn't get to do when im in school.
like learning how to salsa, or work with a drama group or smthg
maybe pick up some course to upgrade myself.
learning is never enough, you know.

gurlie commented singlehood rocks.
well, true enough, singlehood rocks big time.
but, sometimes just need a companion.
some1 to 陪伴.
that's why we have the "players" group.

to ronnie dear: 很多时候,我们都会觉得累了。需要休息。就停一停,歇息吧。
你的改变总会有人看得到。不要自责,你需要的是反思与分析。if u need me, im here to lend u my shoulders.

enough said. im ranting. need some rest myself.
wam wam click! shut down.

Friday, March 03, 2006

finish my C. lit exam yesterday.
exams' not my thing.

sigh jus wan2 jump in2 bed
gimme some good sleep.
love ya guys!

love ya darling gurl, my bestest fwen!
& thank you for the lecture on "playing"

guys out there, here's "the return of the queen of the world"!!!
bah-ness! hahahaha! ;)

well, time to jus relax & get myself ready for oikos. tata~