Sunday, June 22, 2008

Path to Learn

Tomorrow will be THE day.
The start of my one-month school experience.
Well, a little nervous for sure but I am sure I can handle it.
I am quite sure this experience will be very fruitful and interesting.
Also, I promise to learn as much as possible from this practicum.
Everyday will be a fufilling day for me! Whee!~
I've got promptings and dreams about serving this specific ministry in church.
But after talking it with my leader, I felt it's important to seek the Lord for directions and walk in His ways before I make any decisions.
So, one day if you see me serving in this particular ministry in church, don't be surprised.
I will update you guys more on my school experience and the ministry stuff another day.
For now, I want to bathe and read up on some notes on teaching.
To my princesses: Have fun during school experiences and learn loads!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mister Chin

Sigh. I didn't get his contact number or even email address.
But I cannot forget his face, and his kind eyes.
And his cute smile with braces.
Not to forget, his sincere tone and patience.
I guess it could be a good thing that I never get to really know him, except for his name and his looks. 'Cause secretly liking someone is quite a great feeling, I realised.
It is so......special.
For anyone who's curious, this guy I'm mentioning is the lab assistant who drew my blood for me for some blood tests. I met him in SGH, then again in the polyclinic.
As for why I met him twice, it will be ardous for me to type it here.
Just let me tell you why I was so smitten by this stranger.
Well, I guess it was his kind eyes that draws me initially, then came the patience of this young man that pulls me deeper and we ended this encounter with his cute smile.
On my way home from the polyclinic, I was dilligently imprinting every detail of his looks in my mind, remembering the conversations we held at his table.
I think for all my life, I will never forget this stranger that left some footprints in my life and nearly took my breath away.
And he is..............................................hah! It's a secret I'll never tell.
You know you love me.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


曲: 陈绮贞 词: 陈绮贞

我都知道 我自己都知道
你要相信我 是为了你才这么说
我都知道 我自己都知道
为了讨好你 把时间都忘掉
对你的爱 没有人能做到
我都知道 我自己都知道
为了讨好你 把时间都忘掉
对你的爱 没有人能做到

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Art

Shoutout to Artie: Hey brother! A blessed 21st to you! Stay happy always and have fun while you can! I'm here 24/7, you know it! Loves, `Dee*

What can I say......I just love life itself. My practicum is starting soon, I'm sure it's gonna be exciting! Gosh, I so can't wait for it! *hoping for handsome male teachers for me to ogle* Hahaha. Later in the evening I am going for Kungfu Panda with L and A.
So, for now, it's cat nap time!

Will update more later!
>.< v

Sunday, June 15, 2008

ever thine ever mine ever ours

Love is something that I cannot afford to receive because I cannot afford to give it back.
I cannot ask someone to be exclusively mine because I cannot exclusively belong to someone.
That is why I am so afraid to start a relationship.
I am sorry.
I really do hope one day, just this one day, I could say this to someone:
ever thine
ever mine
ever ours
That will be so sweet.
But for now, I am a bird without legs.
I will still soar in the skies.
Till the day I touch down.

Dinner at Al Forno

Just a few hours earlier, I went to my brother's birthday dinner at Al Forno.
It was lovely, and thanks to Rado and Divan, the persons in-charge, thumbs up to them.
Also, I really hope everyone enjoyed the dinner.
Of course, most importantly, my brother enjoyed, hope he's happy with his 21st birthday.
I will post the photos asap alright.
The boys headed for clubbing soon after the dinner while the rest of the girls return home.
Well, as for me, I headed home with my parents, carrying loads of food and presents.
I need to catch some sleep soon, tomorrow I'll be attending service.
Can't wait for worship service!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dearie, Happy Birthday!

Yay! Today I made Rocky Road Crunch Bars for my oikos.
And it turned out quite well.
I'm sure they love it!
Next time, I'll try it with alcohol. Probably with Baileys.

Shoutout to Marianne Freeman: Happy Birthday, Dearie!!!
Stay happy and take good care of yourself ya.
Just remember, I'm here.
My bestie(along with L) for what? 8 years? Yeah! Can you believe it?!
Yay!!! I'll make Honey Semifreddo.
I bet my family and friends will like it.
Yay yay yay!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008



Tuesday, June 10, 2008


These few days I've been rotting at home.
I miss clubbing and drinking.
It has been a gazillionz of years since I last clubbed and my doctor forbids me to touch even a teeny weeny drop of alcohol.
Getting too much of the 'girl-next-door' kinda lifestyle.
And I am really getting way too bored.
Everyone around me is working, slogging their life away.
I wish I could do that too.
Basically, I am waiting for my practicum at Bedok West Primary, which will be starting on 23 June.
Yet, for now, I seriously don't mind hooking up a rich boyfriend who thinks I am the best thing that ever happen to him. Hahaha.
Alright, just kidding ok. Although, it will really be nice to have a rich boyfriend.
But hey, the poor have the their own way of dating.
I am just ranting, I have nothing much to say.
You know you love me.
And I love you too.
Whatever. -RMIE-

Monday, June 09, 2008

I Am So Happy!

I'm so happy!
Though, I have been going through loads of illnesses, I still thank God for my wonderful family and friends.
I never have to worry that nobody is there to support me.
Everybody loves me so much, I don't know how to give back the love.
My family is the wackiest of all.
Love them, whee!~ -hugs-
My wonderful friends, though sometimes we do quarrel, but in the end, we still love each other, and we still stand by each other. -hugs-
Now, everyday, I wake up with a thankful heart that I am still breathing, alive and kickin'.
I thank God that He gave me so much, and I am really contented.
Really, thank You so much.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

My Amigos

I guess it's kinda hurting when you end up quarrelling with your besties.
Art, Nic and Lou are like my big brothers. I feel as if we grew up together, that's how close we are.
Lou and I, well, we did not really quarrel but I guess we're angry with each other.
Probably too pissed off with each other that we don't even want to talk, I don't even know what he thinks now.
I mean, it's as if his lil' princess doesn't really matter to him anymore.
Well, what could I say? There are people that matters more, right?
Maybe when we're not that worked up, we'll seek each other and trash things out.
I'm sure that we'll still be L and D, again.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Fried Brain Fight Fried Food

I'm back from church camp on Saturday night.
Church camp was fun, the only down thing was: I was terribly ill.
My tonsils were swollen and I had a fever of 41 Degree Celsius. Yes, my brain was fried, but no one would notice that I had sucha high fever. 'Cause basically, I'm still playing and laughing like a normal me (which probably wasn't very normal in the first place, ha!)
Yup, but by God's grace lah, my fever quickly subsided and I returned to church for sunday service. Just that my tonsils still hurt quite a bit 'cause it was terribly swollen and full of pus.
However, after visiting the doctor yesterday, and taking some antibiotics, my tonsils hurt less.
No more fever too!
But still, I gotta avoid fried food and seafood.
Sho' sadd...