Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ronnie, sometimes we just couldn't find the answer for certain things.
Many things are not so definite and straightforward.
If Lisa doesn't have an answer for you, it means she really have no idea why she made a decision like this, she's just following her heart OR she knew but she'd rather only she knows.

Human are complicated creatures.
Some can live with a simple mind and a simple life,
but some can't help but be complicated.

At times, we love to hide our feelings.
What's beneath the facade of laughter and twinkle, others have no idea.
Perhaps people close to your heart will know.

I always proclaim myself as a girl stronger than others.
I don't cry easily, I climb up and pick up broken pieces in life much easier than normal girls.
But when the heart aches, no one can see, well, except God of course.
We conceal the cracks perfectly, no matter what ways we used.
But who actually knows that all that glitters is not gold...

Maybe when we hide or detach ourselves,
we find it easier to move on with life.
The world don't stop spinning because of how we feel you know.

Sigh. Life goes on, Ronnie.
P.S. I'm so glad you picked up your bible and experienced God once again.
Take good care yeah.
Yesterday I went out with Nic, Sean, Louis, Zac and Arthur.
Sean joined us later at the pub, after work.

First we went to Suntec KFC for dinner where I got myself a medium whipped potato only.
Reason is simple; less oily than deep-fried chicken.
Oh, and I hate cooked frozen chicken. The meat is black.
Yucks! -stuck out my tongue-
Then, we took bus 80 to Backstage pub.
On the bus it was cam-whoring session.
5 cam-whores(Nic,Louis,Zac,Art and Me!)just keep posing and clickin' our camera phones.
Imagine that manz. Hahaha!

Finally we reached Backstage pub, it was cosy.
I like it, a very good place to 'nua'.
I ordered Long Island. My usual.
I think I drank too fast and I drank Nic's Tantric Trip.
Soon I got high then I got drunk.
Can't even walked properly to the toilet.
Luckily Nic and Sean helped me to the toilet if not I would have more bruises,
I've got enough from dance practice manz.
Left Backstage around 11plus plus.
Reach home around 12plus, shower then sms my honey and collapsed into slumberland.

This morning woke up with a terrible headache.
Then, gleefully made my way to my honey's house.
Then cabbed down to school for dance practice.
Dance is TORTUROUS!!!
We danced from 11am-2pm, WITHOUT any break.
Got loads of bruises from dance.
Poor mandy baby right...
Hahaha :D
Kee Siao already lahh.
2 more days to departure.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Today is 24th feb 2007.
5 more days to my departure.
I haven't really packed much, kind of lazy.
I must stop procrastinating!!!
To add on it, I've got intensive dance training for the next remaining days before I leave for China.
Think I'm going to dance till my feet and calves ache like hell.
Have to perform Kolattam(a kind of Southern indian dance) for the China people.
Blahh... *roll my delicate eyeballs*
Monday I'm going to dinner and Backstage with nic, sean, my bro.
Perhaps louis, zac and kiwi too.
I'm sleepy.
Damn sleepy now.
Eyelids are drooping, can't take it anymore.
Update later.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I guess these photos are long overdue, but still I got to post them up.
If not nicky dear will strangle me.
These are some photos we took during the farewell party at the civil service club.

All my cute friends and juniors,I'll miss you guys like crazy.

Friday, February 16, 2007

I don't understand why people don't stand out to take the initiative to do something.

My parents and my brother constantly ask me to keep a low profile of myself.
They don't like me to be too boisterous and outgoing.
But I'm just a little more clamorous and unrestrained.
I always tell myself and others:" Why go through life unnoticed?"
Life should be colourful and happening.
Even if life consists of love, hatred, sadness, wrath, pain, affections, romances and all the sugar and spice, we should all live the fullest of it.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hold on like there's no tomorrow
There can be no sorrow
Right here where we stand

And living only for this moment
All we've ever wanted
Is right here in our hands

And some will say that we're sure to fall
Try and build their walls between us

No way over it, no way around it
If we want it, we have to go through it

Fight for a love and the world tries to break us down
But the world will bend
And the fight will end
Love will always win

Hold on till we see tomorrow
There is time to borrow
Till we own our own

Walk on and our hearts will lead us
But our hearts will need us
To be steady and strong

So we can stand and face the fire
Burning higher and higher

No way over it, no way around it
If we want it, we have to go through it
Fight for a love and the world tries to break us down

But the world will bend
And the fight will end
Love will always win

No; we know that a rainbow ends
Beyond dark skies

No way over it, No way around it
If we want it, We have to go through it

Fight for a love and the world tries to break us down
But the world will bend
And the fight will end
And the world will bend
And the fight will end
Love will always win
To My Love:

Happy Valentine's Day!

Even though you have no time to celebrate with me,
I still want to tell you:
I Love You!

4 more days and it'll be our 6th month together.
Haizz..how time flies.
You're not a very romantic person
but don't know why; I still love you so much.
I don't know what you think of us, I really WANT to know.
But no matter if you don't want to tell,
just want you to know:
I treasure every tiny weeny bits and pieces of our relationship.
Look inside your heart and I'll look into mine,
I hope we see each other in them.

Being in love with you is somewhat like fallin' in quicksand;
the more I'm in, the deeper I'll sink.
You love to ask me the reason I chose you.
Let me tell you:
the heart has reasons that reason does not understand.

Love does not consist of only gazing at each other but also looking together in the same direction.
Came back from party not long ago.
Just finish removing my make up.
Too tired to say anything.
But I'm happy today, had loads of fun.
Update you guys more tomorrow.
Lights out!!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

I'll be busy these few days.
Schedule packed.

Do up my hair with Nicky dear cum dinner.
Farewell party at Civil Service Club.
How should I celebrate V day??? Hmm..
Junn, maybe I should ask LeeLaoShi out.
Hahaha. Kiddin' only lahh.
Can't really remember what do I have on this day..
Hmmm...when I remember I'll put it in.
Reunion dinner with oikos at Billy Bombers.
Hey Louis! Can I have a discount?? Pretty please...?
I'm bringing a real big bunch of them there.
Reunion dinner with family.
CNY service.
Visitations to relatives' house.
Going out with cousins.
Visitation to Marianne dahling's house.
Go party with J.D. sLaCkeRs inC.
Dinner at Mui Teck's House.
Hmmm...what should I bring for Aunty lehz??
Dinner and clubbing with diVas.
Farewell party; open exclusively to J.D. sLackeRs inC. and diVas.





Friday, February 09, 2007

I'm tired.
Having a bloody splitting headache accompanied with a piercing tummyache.
Pain pain!!!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

*My Dearest Prince*,

I know you are very busy nowadays,
and even much busier in the future.
And I understand.
But I hope you can do just 3 things for me.

Think of me once in a while when I am away.
Email me if you're free.
Last but not least;
take good care of yourself , don't tire yourself too much.
That's all I ask of you.

with much love from my heart,
*pRinCesS aMaNdA*

~ you're the reason why saying goodbye hurts so much.
All my friends and relatives are giving me their winter clothing,
and of course their best wishes.
'Learn as much as you can in China' or 'Experience life there' or 'Must learn to take care of yourself ah..' etc etc..
Thanks for all the well wishes, I will to all the statements above.

Counting down to departure: 23 days.

Mixed feelings again.

This trip could be an escapade, a break free, a miracle.
I should be really jubilant and excited about it.
But I'm not really feeling so strongly positive.
I mean, I do feel positive but not as much as what I've expected to feel.
So weird.

Enough of these dumb potpouri of feelings.
Time to work towards what I want.




Monday, February 05, 2007

I don't know what's hitting me nowadays.

But I get vertigos now and then.
To put it simply; I feel my whole mind and vision move when there's no movement at all.
And I see tiny lights everywhere.
One more thing; my left kidney hurts like hell last sunday.
Piercing pain hit my left side now and then.
Forget it, may it heal quickly.

I'm feeling melancholic.
Especially when the days to my departure to China gets shorter and shorter.
I'll look wistfully into the space and think of the people that left footprints in my life.
I'll miss all of them when I'm gone, yes, especially him.
Will they all miss me when I'm gone?
I don't think I'm very prepared for this trip to China.
Can't bring many things that mean a lot to me.
And that makes me weep.

Give me a stopper, stall the gush.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Amanda, you love to indulge in a Taste of Luxury

Whether it's a day of pampering at the spa or dinner at the best restaurant in town, you know when it's time to treat yourself right. A sophisticated and stylish person like you has great taste and keeps up-to-date with the newest hotspots on the scene.

Just because you enjoy the good life doesn't mean you expect someone else to hand it to you. Dedicated and driven, you're not afraid to take charge and go after what you want. Quite simply, you work hard, you play hard, and every once in a while, you spoil yourself silly. And that's priceless.

i took this test about my way of indulgence.
and i love it.