Wednesday, December 29, 2004

thanking Him

just finished reading Emily's newest post. what she said was right.

we have to thank God. our nation escaped unscath. we're not really affected physically by the Tsunami. economically--yes. but at least we do not have thousands of people missing & dying. at least we do not have corpses & carcasses lying around our streets. at least we do not have rubble of collapsed, ruined buildings. imagine our HDB flats crumble & smashed. our bodies under the tons of debris, unable to breathe. manz..

truly, we have to thank God for He condoned our nation.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004


yesterday morning b4 work i recieved the news of the Tsunami disaster. many people died, many lost their loved ones. the whole thing was sad. my maid said it was God's anger. well, i think it's a sort of a... signal..?a signal to tell us to get prepared for the second coming of Christ..?

i felt grief when i saw the news, people mourning,crying,shocked. & when i saw the rubble & wreckage, my jaw dropped but no sound came out. sigh..

Pray. that's wad we gotta do. i remember sm1 told me: prayer is a very strong weapon. i agree with that, but now i add on: prayer is also a very strong & solid crutch. so we have to pray.

also, i muz continue 2 pray 4 brother bernard--the brother who has nose cancer. i truly believe he will be healed. he will be a witness 4 God. he will testify 4 God. i believe. this is called have faith in God.

Monday, December 27, 2004

been a long time since i blog.
busy with work & christmas stuff. work occupies 3/4 of my day manz..
christmas..?well,christmas was fun!!! especially with my church friends..! my current church friends, i mean.
christmas eve--after work, i went to uncle chris's house. my ex-church mates organised a christmas party. well, they are socialising most of the time. no carols, no worship songs. no God. everybody is busy catching up with each others' life. so, conclusion is--a total bore! so we left early. my brother went out with his friends for countdown. as for me, i turn up at alvin's house for a real christian christmas party..! they were all surprised!!! cos they did not expect me to be there. we sang christmas carols, some worship songs & had gifts xchanged! & of course, we countdown & played with fireworks.
christmas day itself--brought marianne & vivian to church for christmas service. it was so so great..! i sang my heart out. after service went to jap restaurant with my church friends. had lunch. during lunch, had a great talk with raymond & gary. gary..!humph!! he's always teasing me..! *stick out tongue angrily* hahaz..
yesterday--went to chinese service. really felt God's presence strongly. i went out for the altar call, it's for those who want to dedicate their new year 2005 to the Lord. before the pastor came to pray for me, i was praying in tongues & i prayed for a brother whom i've never seen & never known.he have nose cancer. i pray that God drive away the cancerous monster & also pray that God heals him. i also pray that his wife & three young children will have peace in their hearts & that they continue to trust in the Lord. when i was praying, my hands were shaking uncontrollably. they just kept shaking violently, like there's a force in them. but i wasn't afraid, in fact i was joyous & peaceful. i continue to pray in tongues. my hand just kept shaking even until i went back to my seat. my heart just feel so..jubilant..!!
guess i should end here. i still feel so happy. praying lifts my spirit, singing & dancing to the Lord also.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Chinese Service

told you i went to chinese sunday service was really great. really. really. really. I LOVE IT !!!!! the songs, though they are more poetic/metaphoric, but they truly pierce directly into my heart. & the whole thing is just simple, much more simple than the english service. i think i might go to the chinese service in future.

u know bout 'The Girl'..?i talked bout it with my friends..perhaps i don't know her enough. i don't understand her character. that's why i can't stand her attitude bah..

im very very very ill right now. don't know whether i can go to work tmr. Oh no! friday is the young adults christmas party...& im the narrator of my skit!!! i seriously pray that God will heal me asap!!! Father, please heal me with your mighty hand & chase all the diseases from this body of mine,in Jesus Name. & in Jesus name, i will be healed! Amen.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

The Girl

today's sunday. going for church service later. felt like going to chinese service. firstly because i've never been to a chinese service. secondly, because i need 2 get away from sm1..sm1 that don even smile 2 me when i say hi 2 her. this thing happened lotsa times already. i seriously dunno why is she having such reaction 2 she unhappy with me? then what is she unhappy about? i hope she tells me, so perhaps i could stop doing what is making her unhappy then. i don like her, her attitude. but i know we have to love each other so i didn't throw my temper. i know throwing my temper will make things worse. but i feel really terrible. i just don wanna see her, i guess, for a moment or two.
manz, yesterday i cried over this. i mean i dunno what is it about me that makes her treat me like invisible lady. i feel so unjust bout it. perhaps i shld be insensitive, so that i couldn't feel such things. i couldn't see such things, & i can't be bothered my such things. but wouldn't that make me a coward..?trying to run away from the problem? as chinese says : tao bi xian shi.
sigh..i prayed to the Father, i told Him, im feeling terrible bout this thing. bothered by this girl. bothered by the things she did to me. O Father, i pray that You give me peace & joy in my heart, so great that nothing bad or terrible can tear the burst of positive energy in me. Lastly, i just want to say this once more : i Love You, Lord. In Jesus name, Amen.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

christmas party

it's been like eons since i blog..been busy these few days..working.working.working.
been given the duty of writing a skit for our young adults' christmas party. almost finished writing.left the narrator's part that's hanging. got a little writer's block, pray that God will gimme some help. b4 i wrote the script, i prayed to the Lord for help & ideas for the script . & how 2 put them down in words..well God helped me..& i'll have 2 thank Him lots..
i just hope i could clear my writer's block & continue the script. i also hope that the script could help as a trigger 2 win souls for God during the christmas party. tomorrow is the first rehearsal for the skit. will go to church straight after work. pray that everythg turns out well.

quite worried for ron. lots of terrible things happened to him. he's in a bad state. i hope he doesn't retreat back to wad he was previously. i hope he stand firm in the strength of the Lord.

myself..?given up on the one i like. cos people gotta move on. no point crying & mourning & feeling hurt. he wont be mine anyway. so why cry? sigh..

guess that's all. see ya all soon.