Monday, August 23, 2010

End Term

Today is the start of term 3 week 9.
One term just passed, like that.
Time really flies, especially when one is having so much to do.

I miss my hubby so much.
His birthday is coming soon.
I want to mail him his present.
But, what should I get him?
I am thinking of some sermon CDs or a few Christian CDs and a super HUGE birthday card.
Of course, with an addition of my photos!

Looking forward to September holidays, I want to go sun tanning at Sentosa!
Yay! =))
But first and foremost, get past week 9 and week 10.
It's gonna be tough, but Jesus will sustain and provide!
I believe in Him! :D

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Disappointment Is Inevitable.

Disappointment, much?

I do not want to put the blame on him since it wasn't his fault that his friends do not keep to schedule.
But the disappointment just crept in.
For those who do not know what I am talking about, my love and I arranged to chat online tonight (we do this often since he is not in singapore).
However, due to his friends' inability to stick to the schedule they've planned (this is his explanation lah), he is unable to reach tianjin in time to chat with me (yes, he went to beijing over the weekend).
We've arranged this at noon, then, he just told me at 8:30pm that he won't be able to stick to our plan.
Last minute change, disappointment is inevitable right...?
Especially when you looked forward to talk your loved ones.
Even if it means, over the internet.

O well, what can I do but try to find excuses for myself to stop feeling disappointed?
So I told myself, I can use this time to watch my Korean drama or copy sermons into my mp3.
At least, I won't feel too sad.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

cubicle thoughts

*sitting in my office now*

I am having my break time now.
Finished marking my students' assignments, so I spent some time thinking about some stuff.

I was thinking of my students.
What is the reason for them to rebel or disobey?
Why is it that sometimes, I have to scold and scream at them?
Why can't I speak to them like how Jesus spoke to us? Jesus's compassionate and gentle tone makes us stop and think.
But when I speak to my students nicely, some listen yet some push the limits and therefore I need to scream at them.
I really want to figure out WHY and HOW...
why can't they listen and understand and obey?
how can I, be like Jesus who speaks grace into our life, also speak grace into the lives of our young ones so that they know the heart of mine?

Also, I was thinking of my relationship with my love.
Thinking of the trust and faith I have in him, yet at the same time, thinking of the 'what ifs'.
Sometimes, it's a struggle and it becomes weary.
Sometimes, it's renewed and soaring in the skies.
Sometimes, it's just......uncertain.
Believe in the power of LOVE......

Let's not think about things for awhile.
For this moment, or rather a few more moments,
let's just live without thinking, let's just live with risks and uncertainties.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

My 22nd

My 22nd was simple.
But simplicity has its beauty.
Birthday dinner and picnic, followed by a cold treat at Haagen Daz.
I will post the photos when I got the time.
For now, its time to worry about work for tomorrow.
I'm already feeling the Monday blues.
Jesus, may Your favour and grace be upon me as I enter another week again.