Friday, May 27, 2005

school started

Dammit Jae! i just so hope i don have to agree with what you said but yeah, it's such a fact! LoL!

well school started for like a week already. Guess who's my lecturer for drama/theatre?? it's KOK HENG LEUN!!!!! so OMG rite!!! the artistic director of DramaBox!!! i so love him!!!! you should see the way he teach. he's the best manz! i like attending his lessons. i simply LOOOVVEE his lessons! hahaz.. zhi zhe, you're the best!*thumbs up*

written comm in chinese is well..a lil boring..*raised my eyebrows* ok ok, maybe not jus a lil boring. it's like totally!!!woah...seriously..will try my best to like that subject, but don't expect much >_<"

i guess i'll be there at PSF meeting on tues. but they will surely sabo the freshies[like me] darn!
sam & the rest will surely embarass me & Jo..dammit manz! sometimes i wonder why i would have the slightest interest to go to PSF. if i'm ever in my right mind, i would just avoid PSF as much as i can. but you know, i'm never in my right mind. i'm crazy!! hahaz..

Friday, May 20, 2005

NP arts camp RAWKS!!!

i was back from camp yesterday!!!
arts camp is so damn COOL!!!! we went like totally crazy!!!
hey who says arts camp is boring..?!!? it's the best camp ever ok!!! everybody is so open and we played & fool around alot...get ourselves dirty, sticky, oily and wet..hahaz..
chill night was fun. we performed for everyone. our skit,"ROMEO & JULIET"[modified version] was like so farniez!! i guess our performance left everyone in stitches,even our principal..hahaz.. then it was the dancing part, it was fun & hot but i ended up in some mess..*shrugged* but who cares??!! as long as it's fun!!
the third day was the dirty day..!! i ended up all soaked in water,flour & paint. with paint all over me. even my undergarments were soiled!!! it was crazy.but u know, i love being crazy!!!
so everybody!!! join NP arts camp next year!!! woohoo!!!
Attention to all!!! Join Yellow Chair Productions!! it's a drama club serving as a platform for youths to express themselves and their passion for the art of theatre. for more info, check out our website:
no drama, no life!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

poly life will be gr8

havent been blogging for quite a while. jus don feel like blogging.
went for NP freshies orientation today. well the journey was tiring. it took 1 hour plus to get there. jus imagine what time i'll need to wake up for classes that starts at 8am. sigh..
but i like the CCAs. Chinese drama & English drama. still struggling between these 2 choices.
Shaiful says he wanna recruit me into this english drama grp that operates outside of school. we r gonna be the comm members!!! Cool!!!
next week will be really busy. 17-19may i'll be going to arts camp. cant wait, i bet it will be soooooo much fun!!! then 20 may, i'll be going for FMS orientation. get to know ppl from the Film & Media Studies school. my course CHS belongs to FMS.
cant wait for school to start!!! i look forward to poly life. tho it'll be darn tiring, i don mind!! >_<'