Sunday, January 16, 2005

thank God

today i wanna give thanks to God.
yesterday midnight i look into my life. i have nothing to complain, seriously. in fact, i have much to give thanks about.

first of all, i wanna give thanks to Him for He gave me life. i wanna thank Him for giving me family.though my family isn't rich but we are happy, though we fought and quarrelled alot but we always,through God's grace, managed to resolve our problems.

next, i want to thank Father for giving me great teachers like: mrs danial, ms quek, mr ong, mr yap, mdm li, mdm fauziah,mdm saleha, mrs lee and mr galistan.(i might have left out some cos of my weak memory) but these teachers helped me in surviving and shining my teenhood.

i also wanna thank God for my school friends. they had fun with me during my school days, were there for me when im in deep trouble, when im down. so, Priscilla, Louis, PinWen & the closest friend of all, Marianne! guys, thanks a million!

next, im gonna thank God for bringing me to Bethesda cathedral. there, i met my family in Christ. I wanna thank God for putting YC, Kevin, Alvin kor, Dan, Deb, Gary, Emily and Kim into my life. all of 'em really dote on me alot..

then i also wanna thank God for allowing Grace, PeiPei, Jasmine and Ronald Kor into my life. cos the 3 girls are my jems at work--they never fail to cheer me up. and Ron kor is my counselor and vice versa. you could say we shared alot of probs rite..?hee.. =) i wanna thank God for blessing me soooo much. Father, let me be a blesing also, to others.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

brother bernard passed away..

i think im going crazy. im working everydayexcept wednesday, whether i want to go or not. which means no choice. sigh..

he passed away. brother bernard. the brother that i prayed for and i believed he will be healed. i received the news on friday. i was stunned then my face crumpled and i cried in front of my oikos members. i couldn't control myself & i wept & wept. i grieved.
i told kevin i was sad and disappointed. he told me smthg which think makes sense. he said of course everyone hopes that healing will take place. everyone hopes that the cancer in brother bernard's body will be driven away. but maybe it's better for the Lord to take him away because a patient with cancer suffers alot of pain. & it's extremely painful if they live with the burden of cancer. it's so painful that they could die for the painkillers. so the Lord may have taken him up so that he suffers no more.

i believe God took his life for a reason. & that is he'll suffer no more.

i miss school!i want to go back to school. i miss frens, teachers & my classrooms and the ava room, music room, the hall, the canteen and even the toilets!! & last but not least, DRAMA!!!