Sunday, November 29, 2009

Contentment - checked?

I took quite a long hiatus.

Work kept me from blog.
Actually, work kept me from a lot of things.
Now, most of the time when I am on the internet, I'll be checking emails and the school cockpit.

Family - checked. All good. I know sometimes I'll get frustrated and speak as if I am damn irritated, but that's not personal. It's work that's getting on my nerves.
Beeee - checked. Blissfully in love. Deeper in love. What more can I say?
Friends - checked. Well, as we grow older, we know people come and go. But the few that stays, are the gems in my life. The Queens and Bestie, totally love y'all.
Work - Sigh. Checked. The saying of "Life's not fair." is slowly seeping in. I don't really dig that, you know.

Bestie and Girl pigged out on cheesecakes on thursday night. Queens and Princess walked on sunshine on a friday morning. Beeee and Baby ever in love.
I really should be contented.
Erm......for now.