Friday, January 30, 2009

Till Then


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What a Freak!

This morning Guai Tai bought breakfast for me because I was late and went to school without food. So Guai Tai, with her very sweet kindness, offered to buy me breakfast.
But alas! The warm start of my day was spoiled by a possessive freak who could not stand Guai Tai being good to me.
Seriously, jealousy is the greatest curse of women.
Well, so story goes on.
Freak could not stand the closeness between Banana and Guai Tai, so she forbids Banana and Guai Tai to be in close physical proximity. So, Freak came up with some lame excuse to split Banana and Guai Tai.
Oh for goodness! Everyone saw the jealousy that shoots out like darts from her eyes as she ordered me to move from Guai Tai.
What did I do?
In order not to spoil my image in front of my lecturer, I swallowed my fury and proceed to another seat.
Hah! That was the last straw that broke my back.
From now on, apart from academic purposes, whenever Freak's around, I'm not.
So, friends around and those who know, please take note of this new condition of mine. And please don't blame me for being bitchy 'cause I'm fucking pissed by her possessiveness of Guai Tai, and her "jealousy cum insecurity cum inferiority" problem.
Oh! And not forgetting to mention, her psychopath mindset of running others down to make herself feel superior really makes me wanna puke.
So yups, WOW! I feel so much better now, finally saying out the truth.
You know, hiding the truth will suffocate me.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's a long haircut

Banana accompanied Guai Tai to cut her hair yesterday.
Can you believe it? We sat in the salon for 6 hours.
Oh well, Banana did something useful too.
Like, getting her fringe cut and taking photos of Guai Tai.
Let the photos do the talking.
Guai Tai, before having her haircut. Banana before cutting fringe, Guai Tai having haircut.Guai Tai with her Cleopatra hairstyle and Banana with her messy-sultry hair.
Banana and Guai Tai, total NARCISSISM!!! =P

Hahaha! Yesterday was fun, we should go out more! ;)

Monday, January 05, 2009

First Day

Yups, today is the first day of school for me.
And I had fun dressing up! A little funky-prep style is cute! =)
Ooh......forgot to mentioned that Jurong Point expanded.
It's uber huge now!
So many shops and restaurants......if I am broke, you know the reason.
Hahaha! Of course, what would first day be without some cam-whoring?!
Oh yeah, not to forget, on the first day of year 2009, I baked some chocopots!
Chocopot is a cross between brownie and pudding, tough on the outside but a softie inside.
My family and friends LOVED them, especially with a scoop of smooth and freezing ice-cream.
Hahaha! Here's some pictures of chocopots! ;)

Hmmm......would like to type more but I gotta go sleep now. Tomorrow I have morning class.