Sunday, September 28, 2008

Urrggh!!! School Again.

Today marks the end of my recess week.
Well, I dread going back to school tomorrow.
Especially when I have a test and I have not really studied for it.
I sense a wave of work crashing me soon, with four projects on hand and a musical to rehearse, my life is going to be so over.

But rehearsals are what I love most.
I still cannot deny the joy that acting gives me.
I had looked forward to the audition in church this afternoon, and now I am anticipating the upcoming rehearsals.

I hate school. Seriously.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Infatuated Illusion

I always thought he was haughty and arrogant.
Somehow, as I got to know him more, he does not seem as bad as I thought him to be.

I like it when he talks serious stuff with me, I also like it when he laughs with me.
I like it too, when he asks and shares my opinions.
I still like it best, when he looks at me and simply smile, and time just freezes between us.

I do not know whether this is illusion.
Because sometimes life is illusion, and when we wake up from it, we'll be disappointed.
However, even if it is an illusion, I love this illusion.
Even if it will only last for a short while.

I think I am infatuated with him.
Urggh!!! Damn.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

They're Gone, They're Here

They are all gone.
Art is in Taiwan. Lou and Nic are in Tekong.
However, when they called, I am really glad.
Glad to hear that they are doing well.
Glad to hear them ask about me.
Glad to hear them ask about each other.
And, simply glad to just hear their voices.

Last Saturday and Sunday, I had a great time with Dearie.
We went out to eat, retail therapy, play pool and meet up with Roy and Nicky.
It was totally fun!
Then, Dearie stayed over at my house!!!
Like, FINALLY!!!
Chatted till late and slept like logs. Hahaha!!! (>.<)v

This week will be busy, next week is recess week.
Unleashed the wild child in me yeah!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I finally finished my eLearning.
Now, I am so exhausted.
Still got to do some research on Vygotsky and Dyslexia.
God help me.
Yesterday night I was so frustrated while doing my ICT eLearning that I changed into my jogging attire and went jogging round the campus. After that, I did sit-ups and toning exercise.
Finally, I vented out all my frustrations.
Yet, this morning I ate a sandwich and cheese fries for brunch!!!
Followed by a rice burger in the evening!!!
So much carbs and fats!!!
I am so dead.
I should have sticked to my slimming programme. Shite.

Monday, September 01, 2008

I'm Nutrageously Fat!

Actually, I should not be here at this moment.
I ought to be doing my assignments.
But, just feel like getting up here and rant some.
There are so much to do yet so little time.
I just ate 1/3 of my Reeses Nutrageous Bar to make myself feel happier but I feel so sinful now.
I'm suppose to be on a diet.
Heh. On a diet to slim down, so going to do sit-ups and toning muscles exercise later.
I was thinking of jogging tomorrow......should I? Hmmm......
Maybe I will go jogging then go to library for some research.
Good, will do that tomorrow.
Alright, enough of ranting.
Gotta go back to my assignments now.
And hope that I slim down soon.